Raven’s Roost Medleys receives rave online reviews from first customers

In photo, right, is store owner operator Kim Graham with her daughter Sarah Gagne and husband Michael Lalonde.

GORE BAY – Raven’s Roost Medleys has opened in Gore Bay to rave reviews from customers.

Shannon Lee posted online after visiting the store, which opened in Gore Bay this past Saturday, “Hey everyone! Found the most amazing place in Gore Bay this morning! A beautiful brand new store with so many wonderful things to offer. We had the best experience speaking with the owners as they offered world class service. Fabulous prices and gorgeous local items. I would highly recommend taking a visit to this fantastic little find.”

Another local customer, who didn’t want her name revealed said, “this is such a beautiful store with so many neat things to shop for. I love this place. Kim the owner, her husband Michael and daughter Sarah made me feel welcome on my visit. I will definitely make this part of my regular routine to shop there.”

Kim Fleming Graham, owner operator of the store located at 41 Meredith Street in Gore Bay, told the Recorder, “I’ve always want to run my own store. I have managed other stores and it made that want and drive even stronger. And my daughter Sarah Gagne helped make my wish come through with all her help and having her with me this past week. I couldn’t have done it without her; she did all the decorating and has been working here night and day. She is even giving up her fifth wedding anniversary with her husband today to be here. And Michael (Lalonde) has a full-time job (as treasurer for the Town of Gore Bay) and has been working like gangbusters here over the past few weeks building all the displays.”

Ms. Graham and her husband had moved to Gore Bay at the end of April of this year, when Mr. Lalonde was hired by the town. “I managed Rainbow Pharmasave and managed part-time at Sandy Cove Whole Health in Innisfill. Mike took the position with the town after having retired from the military,” she told the Recorder. “My employer was been Cristina Privado, she is the owner of both stores and has been one of my best mentors and friends for 30 years. It was because of her that I learned so much; she had so much confidence in me.” 

“I brought in items to this store that I thought the people of the Island could use and are not available on the Island, things you would normally have to travel off the Island for, and to make the price right to shop on the Island instead,” said Ms. Graham. “Over the past few months I’ve listened to the requests of local people. I haven’t been able to get everything, but as we go along I’m hoping to add to the items we have in the store.” 

“I have taken on a couple of local vendors items and am looking to get even more in the store,” said Ms. Graham.

Raven’s Roost Medleys includes such items as candles, unique gift ideas and crafted décor, having created partnerships with other partisans to provide home décor, giftware and fashion accessories, bath and beauty natural products, bedding and shower items and personal care items.  

In photo, right, is store owner operator Kim Graham with her daughter Sarah Gagne and husband Michael Lalonde.

“We have crafts, local vendors giftware, kitchen accessories, kitchen items, spiritual and new age metaphysical items,” said Ms. Graham. “We will constantly be moving stuff in and bringing new stuff in, and a lot of this will depend on the requests and needs of customers.” 

Raven’s Roost Medleys will also be providing seasonal items, such as Christmas items and gift items. 

“We will be open year-round, and open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Saturday,” said Ms. Graham. “I will be looking to change hours depending on what locals want. We may be open on Sundays if there is local interest.”

“My main focus is providing excellent customer service,” said Ms. Graham. “I like taking time with my customers and hopefully those who are waiting for service will be understanding. I want to get to know my customers and local residents so I have an idea of what their needs and wants are and have a good relationship with everyone.”

As for the name Raven’s Roost Medleys, Ms. Graham explained, “I wanted ravens in the name as they are one of my favourite birds and because of the history and meaning in the metaphysical.”

Since moving to Gore Bay Ms. Graham said, “I have met nothing but excellent people here. People have been nice and friendly. I don’t miss the stoplights or malls of the big city and I’ve had a lot of people on the Island who have helped out, for instance a shout out to Isaac (Gosse) for the bits and pieces and antiques provided from The Old Hawberry House, Bill and Michelle Concannon for their advice, suggestions and support, Tony and J.M. for bunch trees at the front of the store and family and friends for their support and best wishes. And for the many people who have offered to help, including Dan Osborne who did the sign for the front of the store and Melissa and Dan Nicholson for renting out this space to us. And a big thank you to Sarah and Mike.”  

Ms. Graham noted that her son and his family have already moved to Manitoulin to live and work while her daughter, Sarah who owns Sarah Gagne Designs, designs custom logos including the one for Raven’s Roost Medleys. “Sarah and her husband live in Barrie right now and are looking to move to the Sudbury area.” 

Raven’s Roost Medleys can be contacted by calling 705-282-1335, is on Facebook and has its own website.