Record 72 N.E. Town properties in tax arrears

NORTHEAST TOWN—The Northeast Town is looking at the highest number of unpaid taxes in the history of the municipality with 72 properties with unpaid taxes, which will lead to the properties being placed in registration on January 2, 2016 unless the owners make arrangements with the municipality before the end of this month.

“We have 72 property owners in the Northeast Town that will have their properties placed in registration in January 2016,” explained Northeast Town CAO Dave Williamson. “It is an incredibly high number. Historically, before this year, the highest we have ever had was last year when we had 12.”

Mr. Williamson explained that the properties vary from recreational, residential, commercial and industrial, but all have taxes owing from the past three years.

“The jury is out on why, but we (Mr. Williamson and town treasurer Sheryl Wilkin) attended a Northeastern Ontario Treasurers Forum and it seemed to be a common theme across the North,” said Mr. Williamson. “This suggests that it is more of a global issue. It could be because of the rise in hydro rates or general expenses increasing—we don’t really know why.”

“We are encouraging people to come in and talk with us so we can work with the individuals to come up with a payment plan that fits into their budget,” continued Mr. Williamson. “Once the properties are in registration, the property owner must pay the full amount owing from the past three years, plus the fourth year, plus the interest and the legal fees associated with registering the property or at the end of the fourth year the property goes up for sale.”

Any taxpayer in the third year of taxes owing is encouraged to contact Ms. Wilkin at the town office as soon as possible to make payment arrangements before the town is forced to place the property into the tax sale process.

Ms. Wilkin can be reached at 705-368-3500 Ext. 222.