Reece Wallace is an equal- opportunity horticulturalist

Reece Wallace

Barista Reece Wallace has worked at Loco Beanz in Little Current for about two years now. In fact, she not only enjoys the job and the people she meets, she even lists her gig as one of her main preoccupations these days. “I mostly do school and work,” she laughs.

But the Manitoulin Secondary School student does find time for her pets, two dogs and a cat.

Ms. Wallace also has a decidedly green thumb predilection. “I do like plants,” she said. “Inside ones, I’m not much of an outdoors person.”

As for what her favourite plant might be, that’s a bit of an issue. “I don’t really have a favourite, I like them all,” she said.

Remember, when you shop locally, you are not only supporting local businesses like Little Current’s Loco Beanz, you are helping to support your friends and neighbours, like hard-working young students such as Ms. Wallace.