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Safari Club International to fund a micro-hatchery program in Island school

KAGAWONG—The Safari Club International will be funding a micro-hatchery program being developed at a school on Manitoulin Island.

At a United Fish and Game Club of Manitoulin (UFGCM) meeting last week, club member Ian Anderson (who chaired the meeting) told members of the club, “I talked to representatives of the Safari Club International and they have adecided to fund a micro-hatchery at one of our schools on Manitoulin Island.”

“I have received confirmation that they will be funding a micro-hatchery in an Island school (this fall),” said Mr. Anderson. He told the meeting that he has talked to at least two schools on the Island that are interested in participating in the program.

Mr. Anderson pointed out that the micro-hatchery will be identical to the system that was in place at Charles C. McLean Public School this past fall.

Charles C. McLean athlete breaks two Rainbow Board track records

GORE  BAY—Charles C. McLean Grade 7 student Malia Leighton broke two records at a track and field meets for students of both the Rainbow District School Board (RDSB) and Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l’Ontario, last week.

Ms. Leighton actually broke two of the five records that were broken in the meet, held on May 31 at the Laurentian community track complex.

She posted a new high jump mark of 1.43 metres and posted the second record in the triple jump, 8.93 metres. As well, she was first in the 100 metre race which gave her a perfect score to win the gold medal in the first of two senior meets.

Ms. Leighton has now qualified, along with 10 other C.C. McLean athletes, for the RDSB Champions meet June 21.