Robinson township purchases a 1990 Ford water tanker truck

Members of the Robinson Township Volunteer Fire Department display the department’s recently purchased tanker truck (left in photo), from Brock Township.

SILVER WATER – The Robinson Township Volunteer Fire Department has added a used but in very good shape tanker truck to its firefighting arsenal. 

“We have a 1990 Ford Water Tanker truck,” stated Doug Wismer, Robinson fire chief, on Friday of last week. “It has a capacity to handle 1,500 gallons of water, and replaces the previous 1970 Ford water tanker we had.” 

Mr. Wismer explained the local fire department received the water tanker from the Township of Brock. He explained the newly acquired vehicle only has about 25,000 kilometres on it. “And we received a very good price from Brock; $5,000 to purchase it.”

He noted Brock Township, “is a rural, country area like Manitoulin Island. We received the new truck about two weeks ago, the township had brought it to Sudbury and we picked it up at took it to B.J.’s and Addison’s O.K. Tire and Auto Service in M’Chigeeng, after they had done a safety inspection on it.”

“They (Brock Township) even sent us heavy air lift bags to use in cases we have to respond to an accident scene,” said Mr. Wismer. “Our former tanker truck had put in a lot of service over the years and it was getting difficult to find parts for it,” he added.