Saint Gabriel Lalemant parish celebrates Deacon Dan Larouche’s thirtieth ordination anniversary

Deacon Dan Larouche, wife Mary and Father Jerry McDougall pose for a photo following the celebration of Deacon Larouche’s 30th ordination at St. Gabriel Lalemant Church.

BIRCH ISLAND—It was a special service at the Saint Gabriel Lalemant Catholic Church in Birch Island this past weekend, as the parish celebrated the 30th ordination anniversary of Deacon Dan Larouche.

Deacon Larouche’s wife Mary was asked to stand with him during a ceremony recognizing his 30 years of service.

They were presented with gifts from both the church and the parish.

“I am overwhelmed to say the least,” said Deacon Larouche. “As you know, a married man cannot be ordained without his wife’s approval. Not only did Mary give her consent, she supported me by attending all the learning sessions of the Deaconate Ministries Program with me. She has rarely been away from my side.”

“Mary and I thank you for your most precious gift and your presence and good wishes on this special occasion, especially for your prayerful support in what we have always called our deaconate ministry,” continued Deacon Larouche. “This is also a celebration of 30 years of Mary’s ministry of service to the church. Whatever merit my ministry as a deacon may have, it would indeed be very little were it not for having Mary at my side as my constant companion and helper.”

“It was a wonderful ceremony today and celebration,” Father Jerry McDougall told The Expositor following the service. “Dan and Mary have done so much for this community and myself and everyone here is so grateful.”