Sandhill crane harvesting permits could be possible

SUDBURY- Canadian Wildlife Services (CWS) is still looking at the possibility of having a permit in place for Sandhill crane harvesting. However, even if it does come to fruition, it will be a lengthy process before it is implemented. 

“CWS is looking at the possibility of issuing a hunting permit (for Sandhill cranes),” said Roy Polsky, president of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters Zone D, at a meeting last week. “At least they are still looking at it, but a hunt is at least three years off. It may be a while, but hopefully we will get there.”

Mr. Polsky confirmed to The Expositor after the meeting that CWS, “is looking at establishing a tag system for Sandhill cranes. They are not an invasive species, but they are currently protected under the Migratory Birds Act.”

“And right now, nothing is in place if a Sandhill crane hunt was opened up. We don’t have a system in place and any changes are at least three years away,” said Mr. Polsky. “Any permit system would probably be put in place by wildlife management unit (WMU).”