Sara McDonald’s escape artist hamster keeps life interesting

Sara McDonald

When she isn’t using her artistic leanings to help customers at Redbow Floor and Wall Fashions, Sara McDonald of Little Current likes to create signs and wield her woodburning tools. 

Mother of two and stepmom to five, Ms. McDonald is kept pretty busy, even if most of the stepkids are adults now.

Ms. McDonald has recently come into possession of a Cricut, an automated cutting and drawing machine. “Some of the girls here at Redbow have them,” she said. “But I haven’t had the time to use it.” Like a lot of things, buying the tools are the easy part, but she is looking forward to exploring the possibilities.

Ms. McDonald and her family are no strangers to the news cycle, having been the subject of a heartwarming tale earlier this summer involving one of the family pets.

“We have our own Stuart Little,” she laughed. Her family’s hamster Jimmy was spotted crossing the road by a patrolling OPP Constable Chris Carmichael in downtown Little Current. “He managed to escape somehow.” Ms. McDonald’s daughters Hannah and Sophie were greatly relieved, especially since Jimmy had been gone for more than a week.

Fodder for a movie or children’s book? “Maybe,” she laughed. “A real life Stuart Little story.”

The family’s other pets include fish and a gecko, which are a lot less adventurous than master escape artist Jimmy the hamster.

Ms. McDonald also enjoys the usual outdoor life of a typical Islander, “when I get a chance to,” but the pandemic has presented a lot of new challenges for both work, family and play.

“We are managing like everyone else these days I guess,” she said.

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