Saskatchewan woman looking for help identifying family in 1898 Silver Water school photo

Joy Ogden, who resides in Saskatchewan, is hoping that someone will be able to help her find one, or both of her grandparents in this class photo from the Silver Water School in 1898.

SASKATCHEWAN – A Saskatchewan woman is hoping that someone will recognize her grandfather or grandmother from a class photograph of students from the Silver Water School from 1898.

“I found this picture amongst family photos,” Joy Ogden, granddaughter of Albert Reid and Lizzie Wedow told the Recorder in an email dated Friday, March 27.

“We don’t have many photographs of them when they were young, but we were going through a collection of family albums recently and found this one dated 1898 and had ‘Silver Water school picture’ on it,” Ms. Ogden told the Recorder on Monday. “We are hoping to have a family reunion in Saskatchewan this year. When we were looking through the photos I said ‘wait a moment, this must be a photo of my grandfather, on the paternal side of the family… Reid.’ I know he lived in Ontario for a while, so I’m presuming he is in the photograph or my grandma is in the photo, Lizzie Wedow.”

“I’m trying to find out if the school even exists any more,” said Ms. Ogden, who pointed out both her grandparents are originally from Ontario and had moved to Saskatchewan.

Later Monday afternoon, Ms. Ogden told the Recorder that, “regarding the photo of the class at the Silver Water School. I am happy to say that my Grandpa Albert Edward Reid had two brothers, Norman and John, so it is possible one of them or both is in the photo.”

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