LITTLE CURRENT—There was plenty of laughter, good natured fun and some amazing costumes at the annual Save the Rack women’s night, hosted by Country 103 and held at the Manitoulin Hotel and Conference Centre on Saturday, October 21 from 5:30 pm to 1 am.

The event started out in fine form with each attendee being presented with a berry infused glass of sparkling wine followed by a catered dinner prepared by North 46 Restaurant. Organizer KT Timmermans was beaming following the event. “We had 126 attendees and just finalizing numbers,” she said. “We’ll be close to $3,200 when all the money is counted.”

The evening was a real learning experience for Ms. Timmermans. “This was my first live auction,” she said. “I gained a huge appreciation for auctioneers like Norm Morrell, I don’t know how they can keep it up so long. I was starting to lose my voice before I was even done.”

Ladies help themselves to the candy bar.
photos by Michael Erskine

Lost voice or no, Ms. Timmermans managed to pull in the big bucks in the auction. “At one point there were three main groups of ladies bidding on the luncheon date with George Canyon,” she said. “At the end a lady at one table was bidding against the lady she was bidding on the prize for. Everyone had a great laugh when she piped up about it.”

Fun and games ensued, with games such as bra pong, bling your bra, a tie dye station and plenty of vendors and services on hand, along with a candy bar and a donut decorating station.

Save the Rack organizer Kelly Timmermans gets the caramel ready for donut decorating, one of the many activities at the recent ladies’ night fundraiser.

But the best of the raucous laughter was reserved for the night’s premier entertainment as the boys of the Canadian Playboz took to the stage with a Magic Mike performance—we will leave that bit to the reader’s imagination. Suffice to say…a good time was had by all, and plenty of money was raised for the Canadian Cancer Society.