‘The Scales of Justice must not tip to favour those that seek malice’

We must refrain from acting as judge, jury and executioner

To the Expositor:

Unless one has lived under a rock in Antarctica, the awesome wave of the culture of inappropriate behaviour defiance has swept the nation, if not the world. The evolution of this wave must continue its awesome strength, its resounding pushbacks and its determination for justice. With such popularity and strength, however, must come a degree of moderation to curb overenthusiastic spillovers into injustice, unnecessary damaged caused by momentum. Just as necessary to our democracy as the wave must evolve, so too must our sense of what our jurisprudence system must be, as to avoid condemning the innocent.

I fear we may have witnessed a few cases of “judge, jury, and executioner.” Penalties must be imposed on offenders, no question regarding that fact. Penalties of equal severity must also be imposed on abusers that wish to obtain, some out of sheer spite, their Andy Warhol 15 minutes of “fame.” Lives will be destroyed, careers scuttled, families ruined, reputations and indeed honour devastated. The Scales of Justice must not tip to favour those that seek malice/slander or nefarious mud-slinging.

We must continue our quests for justice, penalties for injustices caused by violators of both sexes by abuse of others. People whom unjustly accuse the innocent of “inappropriate sexual behaviour,” taking up too many valuable resources, time, money for their own personal malicious agenda, must suffer consequences as well, including spending 15 minutes, incarcerated with parents due to false allegations of chopping up of personal and religious garb.

Michael R. White