Sculptor’s stock goes up

Kathryn Corbiere of OneKWE poses with her latest piece, which was installed on National Indigenous Peoples Day at the Toronto Stock Exchange. The piece represents a harvested piece of birch bark.

Kathryn Corbiere’s commission graces Toronto Stock Exchange

M’CHIGEENG—Kathryn Corbiere had one of her beautiful artistic sculptures unveiled at the indoor entrance of the TMX Group (building), which owns the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). The 3.3-metre-high creation represents a harvested piece of birch bark.

Ms. Corbiere, from M’Chigeeng First Nation, had been commissioned to do the metal sculpture for TSX. The large piece was unveiled on Tuesday of last week, on National Indigenous Peoples Day.

Earlier this year, a mutual friend had passed Ms. Corbiere’s name to the TMX Group. 

“A friend of mine, a hockey player from my playing days, referred my name to TMX Group for this project,” Ms. Corbiere told the Expositor. “I guess having an old friend who was an ex-hockey player paid off.”

“They (TMX Group) told me to be creative,” said Ms. Corbiere. “They gave me the freedom to design the sculpture piece. The room where the sculpture is located, “is quite large, it is a 16-foot room. It is a lot different than most of my work, so it’s like a big abstract piece of art.”

She explained the piece tells a story of our country’s trading history, “between Indigenous people and settlers, starting with the canoe and showing how relevant birch bark was. It connects as to the  importance that birch has been to Indigenous persons in our history.”

In May, Ms. Corbiere had completed a metal sculpture of a red dress that is located in front of the N’Swakomok Native Friendship Centre in downtown Sudbury. The unveiling marked Red Dress Day on May 5.

Toronto’s Mayor John Tory told CBC News that National Indigenous Peoples Day celebrates the diverse heritage, cultures and traditions of First Nations, Inuit and Metis people.

“Today (Tuesday), we also reaffirm our commitment to advancing truth, justice and reconciliation, as well as working together with Indigenous community members and leaders,” said Mayor Tory.