Second class maintenance of highways led to crashes

To the Expositor:

The highway deaths on Highways 11, 17 and 69 are a disgrace to our government. Nine youths under the age of 19 died in a week on two of those highways. The deaths are the fault of the road design and maintenance and the fault of our provincial government.

The highway research by Northerners Inc. has revealed that the construction standards for these highways are lower than in southern Ontario.

The design of these highways is lower than others in the province. Now we learn from the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario that Highway 11 north of North Bay is a Class 2 Highway, which does not have the same summer or winter maintenance standards as the four-lane Highway 11 south of North Bay, which is a Class 1 Highway.

Obviously Highway 17 also has a lower class of maintenance also, as decreed by our government.

The TransCanada highways in Ontario must be four-laned at a reasonable cost, which Northerners Inc. has also researched.

Stop the deaths now, Mr. McGuinty. Spend money where it is needed for our future and the lives of our children.

Yours truly,

Judy Skidmore, president

Northerners Inc.