Senior with vehicle trouble helped by police officer

To the Expositor:

Yesterday (January 14) I was assisted by a UCCM Police Officer, Detective Constable Dave Mack. My vehicle was precariously perched sideways on an extremely icy hill on a side road when Constable Mack saw my plight. As I got out of the truck, using my cane and holding onto the truck to make my way to the side of the road, he drove off the highway and helped me into the safety of his car. We then followed a municipal sander to request help in rescuing my vehicle. To make a long story short, an hour later the sander returned, its tires now equipped with chains, and spread sand so that I could retrieve my truck. Constable Mack remained with me the entire time.

His response to my profuse thanks was that his job was to help people. While those words, to serve and protect, are often used to refer to the responsibilities of law enforcement personnel I have never had such a caring and respectful encounter with a police officer, save for those I know personally, of course. Perhaps my senior status helped but I’m inclined to believe that it was the quality of Constable Mack’s character that led him to assist me in my eventful morning in such a genuine and considerate manner.

Kudos to you, Detective Constable Dave Mack.

Mame Murray