Share a Smile: Joke of the week!

Joke of the week!

Aunt Lilly called to tell me she got a new puppy. She said everything was fine for a couple of weeks then it started to run in circles rubbing his face on the carpet. She decided to take him to the vet. When she got there, she sat in the waiting room and the puppy sniffed the area around her chair as far as the leash would let him. The vet came out of his office and when he saw the puppy he got down on one knee and was petting him and he said “this is my favourite breed of dog, I’ve always loved Schnauzers. He looked up at Aunt Lilly and asked, “what’s the matter with him?” Aunt Lilly told him about the puppy running in circles on the carpet. 

The vet picked him up and put him on the table and right away he said, “I see what the problem is, the hair in his ears is too long.” He went on to tell her he could sell her some ointment, but it would be cheaper to stop at the drugstore and get some Nair. It would solve the problem. Lilly stopped at the drugstore and asked the old fella behind the counter if they sold Nair. He said, “yes, we do.” She followed him down aisle three. He picked up a box and said, “might I suggest if you are using this on your underarms don’t use deodorant for 24 hours because it might irritate.” Aunt Lilly said, “It’s not for my underarms.” The old fella thought for a second and said, “if you’re using this on your legs I would suggest not to use suntan lotion for 24 hours because it might cause irritation.” Aunt Lilly said, “it’s not for my legs.” The old fella looked confused. Aunt Lilly said, “It’s for my Schnauzer.” The old fella looked up and down then whispered, “If you’re gonna use this on your Schnauzer you might not want to ride a bicycle for 24 hours.”

Dave Draper

Little Current