Sheg mailboxes moving to Green Acres

SHEGUIANDAH—The community of Sheguiandah is still without a postmaster and post office, with residents currently collecting their mail from community mailboxes located at the Howland Seniors’ Hall. This arrangement, however, will soon come to an end and the mailboxes will be moving.

Sheguiandah residents received a notification in their community mailbox recently informing them that in two to four weeks they would be picking up their mail at a new location—Green Acres in Sheguaindah.

The Expositor contacted Canada Post media spokesperson Eugene Knapick who explained that the community mailboxes would be moving from the Howland Seniors’ Hall to Green Acres after some concern from members of the seniors’ group.

“They are still temporary community mailboxes,” Mr. Knapik confirmed, “but we’re still trying to staff the post office.”

He noted that there has been some interest in the position of Sheguiandah postmaster, but would not give a deadline as to when, or if, a post office would reopen in the community.

Those who pick up their mail in Sheguiandah will use the same key and box number at the community mailbox at Green Acres.

Canada Post clients in Sheguiandah have been without a post office since February when the postmaster quit unexpectedly.