Sheguiandah FN receives three nominations for chief for upcoming election

SHEGUIANDAH—Nominations for chief and council of Sheguiandah First Nation were held last Wednesday, October 4. Due to a protest on nomination day at the band office by former chief Orville Aguonie, the nominations were held at the Sheguiandah Health Centre.

The nominations for chief are: Andrew Agonie (incumbent), Orville Aguonie and Alison Aguonie.

Nominations for councillor include:  Orville Aguonie, Alison Aguonie (incumbent), Robert Manitowabi, Jake Ago Neh, Thomas Trudeau, Ruby Thompson, Pearl Waindubence (incumbent), April McDowell, Carrie Waindubence, Edward Mishibinijima Sr. (incumbent), Valerie Assinewai, Elvis Mishibinijima, Darren Shawanda, Jackie Kozeyah, Cody Towers and Jackie Bowerman .

The electoral officer for the 2017 Sheguiandah election, Cynthia Behm, explained that nominees for chief and council have until Wednesday, October 11 to withdraw their names.

The election will be held on Wednesday, November 22.