Sheguiandah will see more OPP patrols

Spate of incidents causes concern

SHEGUIANDAH—There has been an upswing in the amount of suspicious activity in Sheguiandah over the last year and residents can expect to see an increase in Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) patrols in the community.

As was reported in last week’s Law and Order, over the days of March 27 and 28 police responded to a report of a stolen golf cart on Townline Road (which was later recovered), vandalism to a shed in the village and numerous cars being broken into.

As Sheguiandah residents can attest, this spate of crime is not exactly new, with recent reports of a stolen truck, stolen CUV, boat motor and many vehicle break-and-enters in this usually quiet community.

Community Services Officer (CSO) Constable Marie Ford told The Expositor that she understands that many events are going unreported to police.

“That’s so important,” CSO Ford says. “If we don’t know what’s going on, we can’t investigate.”

CSO Ford explained that the detachment’s strategic analyst noted the upswing in criminal activity in Sheguiandah and notified the officers on patrol about her findings.

The constable explained that they have all been “crimes of opportunity.”

“It’s important to report these things immediately,” she added, saying that it’s important to keep vehicles and sheds locked.

Tom Batman, a resident of Townline Road, is the owner of the golf cart that was eventually recovered, and he has some major concerns with what’s been going on in his community.

“When I go through this community, just about everyone here is living alone,” he told The Expositor, adding that the increase in crime is scaring the often elderly residents.

“I think they’re not taking this seriously enough; if we don’t curb it, it’s just going to get worse,” Mr. Batman added, listing the many people he’s spoken with who have been broken into in recent months. “I think it’s more serious than people realize.”

“Patrols have definitely increased in the area,” CSO Ford said.

“It’s a partnership between the public and the police,” the constable continued. “Even if you think it’s minor, or if you hear something at 2 am, call it in, and as close to the time as possible. It doesn’t help when people report it to The Expositor and not to us!” she chided.

To report suspicious activity call 1-888-310-1122. If it’s an emergency, dial 9-1-1.