Short films with Manitoulin actor to be screened at festivals

Gore Bay actor Dylon Whyte will appear on the festival circuit in the comedy short film ‘Overdue.’

MASSEY – ‘Overdue,’ a comedy short film which features a Gore Bay actor as one of its performers, is going to be featured in its first film festival, while a second film, ‘The Philanthropist,’ which also features a Gore Bay actor and saw some of the film being shot in Gore Bay, will be screened at a horror festival this weekend.

“Our comedy short ‘Overdue’ starring Gillian Fortin, Dylon Whyte (of Gore Bay), Rachel Noel-Gard, Kyle Kivi and Carole Rouleau, written by the late Marla J. Hayes and edited by Steve Schmidt, has been selected to screen at the Lift-Off Global Network Sessions 2020 Festival,” Jayson Stewart, director of the film, told the Recorder this past weekend.

Mr. Stewart explained, “the Lift-Off Global Network is an organization from the United Kingdom, encompassing worldwide live screening events, distribution initiatives, a seasonal awards ceremony and an ever growing and active network of Indie film creators.”

“Initially a film festival, Lift-Off has grown into being a huge platform for emerging artists,” continued Mr. Stewart. “This includes feature film content, shorts, commercial, music, video content, animations and experimental arthouse. They also feature a script promotion and exchange platform, along with extensive production initiatives.”

“When two unique couples exchange experiences about their advanced pregnancies in an OB/GYN’s waiting room, secrets are revealed and lessons are learned that just might be life changing,” read a clip explaining the plot of ‘Overdue.’

Mr. Stewart told the Recorder, “‘The Philanthropist’ is heading to Appalachian Country and will be screened at the Northern Appalachian Film Collective Halloween Horror Festival on October 24 at the Moonlite Drive-in in Brookville, Pennsylvania.”

Filming of ‘The Philanthropist’ took place in Gore Bay and in Espanola in May, 2019. Mr. Whyte played the title role of the philanthropist in the film, with Mr. Stewart as the writer/director of the Indie film.

Inspired by such cinematic aesthetics as David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks,’ ‘The X-Files’ and Stephen King’s short stories, ‘The Philanthropist’ has been sent to film festivals around the world. 

The principal cast consists of four main actors: Heather Stevenson (Sudbury), Liliane Chretien (Sudbury), Autumn Buratynski (Espanola) and Dylon Whyte. The three-way story line focuses on three women as they plead their cases to a philanthropist (Mr. Whyte) and pose the question, “will they walk away with their fortunes or never leave his office at all?”

For his role in the film, Mr. Whyte won the Best Actor Award at Berlin Underground Film Festival in 2019.