Silver Water Post Office closes after 133 years of service

Post master Jennifer Hooper, left, and assistant Natalie Hartley were busy at the Canada Post office in Silver Water, last Friday. The Canada Post building in the community was officially closed at the end of Friday, with community mail box service now in place in Silver Water.

Mail to be provided through community mailboxes

SILVER WATER—This past Friday was touched with a bit of nostalgia and sadness for the community of Silver Water as it marked the last official day that the community of Silver Water has had a Canada Post office located in the community to serve local residents.

“This is a sad day,” stated Myra Duncanson, a local resident. “There has been a Canada Post office in the community since 1883, and it means something else has closed in the community that will never return.”

“It is unfortunate—this is what we are having to deal with in this situation, but we are confident local residents will get used to community mailboxes very quickly,” stated Pino Caputo, local area manager for Canada Post who, along with Clive Henderson, local area superintendent, were in Silver Water on Friday.

Mr. Caputo explained, “last Friday the community mailboxes were installed (at the Silver Water Memorial Community hall). The post office is officially closing as of today after 133 years.”

Jennifer Hooper was the postmistress with assistant Natalie Hartley manning the post office on its last day.

“In about late October we began advertising for a new postmaster after the previous postmaster had indicated that she was retiring,” said Mr. Caputo.

The post offices in Robinson Township (which included the post office in Fernlee that was closed at the end of March 1960, and the Morrisville-Sheshegwaning post office, which was closed in 1986 with community mail boxes placed at the community hall) included Silver Water, established in April 1883.

The list of postmasters in Silver Water included W. Lewis Kemp April 1883-July 1889; John Edmonds-December 1889-February 1912; James B. Graham, June 1912-August 1926; George Cook, October 1926-June 1927; E. Frank Priddle, August 1927-May 1928; Percy Lane, July 1928-November 1932; William Prestage, November 1932-November 1942; Mrs. Lena Trick, November 1942-November 1951; Mrs. Alice Rumley, December 1951; Bert Cook, December 1951-September 1966; Mrs. Lauretta Cook, October 1966-March 1968; Howard Rumley, September 1968-November, 1971; Mrs. Beatrice Rumley, November 1971-January 1977; Lyle Glasby, January 1977-May 1979; Mrs. Anne Boyd, May 1979-June 2005; Catherine Paris, July 2005-2006, Bonnie Henry from 2006 to October 2013; Guinevre Martin, February 2014; Lauren McDonald; and Jennifer Hooper.