Smartphone technology is making people anything but

Life is just too easy for us because of them

To the Expositor:

I just keep hearing about these handheld devices. They cause a lot of distractions for people and I have seen people walking into things or falling into a pool of water. I usually laugh at that, but it’s not funny for them when it happens. I hope they have learned something from that and start to pay more attention to what they are doing.

As for distractive driving, the government really needs to toughen up the law with this problem. A lot of people are still dying because of distracted driving. When somebody is caught for distracted driving they get their ticket for that first offence, also a warning that the next time they will get suspension right on the spot, just like they would if they were caught impaired. It would be a 90-day suspension and the police will keep a record of these people who had received the warning already. This technology is just no good, it is making people dumber because life is just too easy for them, they do not have the life experience that they would if they did things the old ways that’s how somebody gets experience.

Ron Osawabine