South Baymouth proudly proclaims its international citizenry

Eunice and Dick Bowerman’s own ‘fence of nations’ representing the heritage of the individuals that live in South Baymouth.

SOUTH BAYMOUTH—Eunice and Dick Bowerman’s South Baymouth home has become a popular tourists stop due to the 19 flags on display in their front yard representing the heritage of the individuals that live in that community.

Inspired by the Bridge of Nations in Sudbury, the couple began asking their neighbours about their heritage and put the flags up for the annual South Baymouth Canada Day parade last year.

“It was a lot of work and people seemed to like it so we decided to leave it up,” said Ms. Bowerman.

“It’s fun to watch people stop out front and take photos or look up the flags to see where they are from because we don’t have them named,” added Mr. Bowerman, who noted that the collection includes an Irish flag for he and his wife’s heritage.

“We have flags for England (two), Wales, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Aruba, Scotland, China, Finland, Hong Kong, the Dominican Republic, America, Wikwemikong, Norway, the Netherlands, the Ukraine, Spain and France,” said Ms. Bowerman.

“A lot of tourists stop, but the locals are used to it now,” laughed Ms. Bowerman.