Speck the Scottie is a credit to his breed

Named Select Dog at Westminster Dog Show

NEW YORK CITY—Manitoulin Island is now on the map in the dog world thanks to Toulin’s Quite the Spectacle’s (aka Speck) showing at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show held each February in New York City. The pooch with Island connections took the Select Dog title in its Scottish terrier category.

Speck is no stranger to ribbons, as owner Liz Lewis of Lake Manitou previously told The Expositor—her Scottie is an American Champion and also a Canadian Grand Champion. To get to Westminster, a dog must be an American Champion (meaning it has earned 15 points at American Kennel Club-rated shows).

It is a rarity that dogs at Westminster are showed by their owners and Speck is no exception. His handler is Jody Garcinii of Indiana, formerly of Azilda. For the show, Ms Lewis made her way to Indiana to take over babysitting duties for Ms. Garcinii while she and Speck hit the Big Apple. Ms. Lewis said she was able to watch Speck in the Best of Breed competition via live streaming online and watched the rest of the show on “big screen TV.”

She was excited and nervous, but was happy to see her “not-quite-three-year-old” Scottie take the title of Select Dog, which meant he was the second best male Scottie at Westminster. Sixteen Scottish terriers competed to be top dog and move on in competition.

“All of the other Scotties were black, but he’s a silver brindled,” Ms. Lewis explained. “Jodi said the judge just loved him, apparently, and kept looking at him.” She said she was unsure whether or not Speck’s unusual coat cost him the title, but she was pleased with his showing nonetheless.

For his efforts, Speck was awarded a light blue and white rosette as well as a Westminster Purina Pro Plan towel by judge Dr. Jerry Klein of Chicago.

Not one to rest on his haunches, Speck and Ms. Garcinii headed off to Missouri last week to take part in the Heart of America Scottish Terrier Club show at Purina Farms where he won Best of Opposite, meaning he was the best male Scottie.

Ms. Lewis was en route to Indiana to pick up her beloved Speck on Monday and has one more show planned for him in early May when he looks to take the title of Canadian National Scottie champion and then “I’d like him to just be a dog,” his owner said.