Speed on Highway 6 in front of RONA to be reduced to 60 km/hr

LITTLE CURRENT—The posted speed zone in front of the new RONA Little Current Building Centre will be reduced from 80 km/hr to 60 km/hr according to the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

Earlier this summer, Northeast Town Councillor Michael Erskine expressed his concern to council with the speed limited being 80 km/hr in what had become a high traffic area. He put a motion on the table to reduce the speed to 60 km/hr, expanding the 60 km/hr area of the highway until after the RONA (by the Hydro One building), however the motion was defeated. Following the meeting a letter was sent to the MTO making them aware of the new building on the public highway.

“Based on our overall review of this highway segment, the ministry is proposing, pending minister’s approval, to request an amendment to Regulation 619 of the Highway Traffic Act to extend the existing 60 km/hr posted speed zone to include the new commercial development,” stated a letter to the Northeast Town from Ron Turcotte, head of the Traffic Section of the MTO. “Kindly be advised that this process takes several months.”

“I’m quite pleased to see this moving forward,” commented Councillor Erskine. “It is important that the speed limit get changed because people need to be warned to slow down as traffic is turning into the new business. A new commercial business is great, but it is busy, especially in the summer, and people need to slow down.”

Councillor Erskine said he can’t take the credit for bringing the idea forward, as it was one of his constituents who suggested the idea to him and he in turn brought it to council.