‘Spin doctors’ can’t deliver

To the Expositor:

It still appears that the wind industry and some pro wind people still don’t understand. McGuinty’s Liberals understand now. More and more city and suburban people now understand that industrial wind turbines are not the way to go.

The truth is reaching people by the thousands every day and soon everyone will know industrial wind turbines are only about making money and not about saving our planet.

People are now understanding that industrial wind turbines are in fact, totally an unreliable and costly way of producing electricity and with all their new air polluting gas backup generators having to be built and run 24/7, it now begs the question of just why are industrial wind turbines being built in the first place anyways?

Oh yes, we were all told, they were to help “stop global warming” a new buzz word introduced to the world. That buzz word has now been renamed to ‘climate change’ another new buzz word. Great amounts of truthful information is now available from European government studies, where the industrial wind turbines have been for 20 plus years and it is telling us, industrial wind turbines are a failure. About the only thing industrial wind turbines are succeeding in doing is to make the cost of hydro skyrocket upwards and out of control.

This skyrocketing cost of hydro is happening even quicker here in Ontario. For the average ratepayer now in Ontario with a hydro bill of $1,700 per year, they will see their hydro bill increase to an excess of $4,000 per year by or even before 2018. To put it another way, hydro in Ontario is going to cost you over 40 cents per kilowatt hour, plus all the new creative paper work and delivery charges. This will also greatly increase the cost of everything that uses electricity, water, gas, food and rent on your apartment, condo or home, just to mention only a few things.

All this money it’s going to cost us and for what? The industrial wind turbine is a product that cannot deliver. The spin doctors for wind turbines have gotten it wrong. You can only fool the people some of the time but that time is up!

Farmers and landowners are now also starting to band together to demand more money, which will result in even higher costs. Wind turbines are, only for the wind industry, governments and landowners to make money.

Charley Urbanek
Port Elgin