Split Rail Brewing Company holds first cask tapping celebration

Split Rail Brewing Company held its first cask tapping celebration to introduce a new barrel aged beer, last Thursday. Taking part in the cask tapping were, from left, Barret Campbell and Jason Quinlan.

GORE BAY – The Split Rail Brewing Company held its first cask tapping celebration to introduce a new barrel aged beer last Thursday.

“I would like to welcome everyone here this evening,” said Barb Erskine, acting general manager of Split Rail. “We have a really exciting evening planned with a cask tapping celebration.”

“This is our very first cask tapping party to introduce our new beer product, Split Barrel Aged English Dark and Strong Ale,” stated Split Rail head brew master Barrett Campbell. 

Barret Campbell, head brewer at Split Rail Brewing Company of Gore Bay, holds up two bottles of ‘Split Barrel’ English Dark and Strong Ale which was aged in red wine barrels.

Mr. Campbell explained, “Split Barrel English Dark and Strong Ale was aged six months in red wine barrels. It has a big bold taste with a higher alcohol content (7.6 percent alcohol volume) with fantastic, decadent and robust chocolate, molasses and coffee tones to it. The red wine barrels provide rich flavours of cherry and dried stone fruit balanced with aromas of coffee and molasses.”

Mr. Campbell pointed out the cocoa beans for Split Barrel are from Gore Bay’s Finnia Chocolate, and the cherry red wine barrels are from an Ontario winery.

The beer was paired with delicious charcuterie fare provided by New Grain Artisan Bakery and Kitchen and their Gore Bay business, with several cheeses, and food provided from companies based in Northern Ontario including Farmer Ted’s and other products, to join nicely with the beer.

And for dessert, decadent and delicious black forest cake from Finnia Chocolate was served.   

“It is very exciting to be taking part in our first barrel cask tapping celebration,” stated Mr. Campbell, who was assisted by Jason Quinlan in the official cask tapping. 

Split Barrel will be part of the regular product selections for Split Rail.