Spring Bay News

This past month was an exceptional time for us having to meet various commitments and attend appointments.

June 10 Spring Bay Euchre results: ladies’ high, Bev Pickard, 75; ladies’ lone, Laura Scott, 3; ladies’ low, Shirley Dechevigny, 58; men’s high, Barry Barnes, 83; men’s lone, Barry Barnes, 3; men’s low, Fred Pickard, 57.

Spring Bay Euchre is on Friday nights at 7:30 pm at the Spring Bay Community Centre. All are welcome!

We extend our sympathy to Mrs. Marie Sloss for the loss of her husband Willard. Sympathy also extended to Jim and Lewis Lanktree for the loss of their brother Fred.

Get well wishes to Harold Kirk and others in hospital.

We’re planting our garden, hope that we do not have another frost.

Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers out there.