Spring fishing is almost upon us

To the Expositor:

I write this letter as an avid angler and community member in Wikwemikong. With the spring weather upon us, anglers are gearing up for the annual spring rainbow trout fishing that is quickly becoming popular on the shores of Wikwemikong.

It’s great to see locals from our community meshed with visitors from abroad taking part in this springtime activity. I have witnessed over the years an increase in the amount of people fishing on the shores of Wikwemikong and for the most part, fishing within their limits.

It is important for people to know that when fishing off of our territory you must abide by the Ontario Fishing Regulations and fish within your limits, just as you would in any other community. There have been times that I have personally witnessed fisherman taking more than their allowed daily limit and I would advise against anyone taking part in this practice. I strongly advise that if you are fishing in Wikwemikong Territory, be mindful of your limits, respect property owners and our band membership.

Sport fishing is a pasttime that we all can enjoy so let’s work together to ensure that we protect this resource for future generations.

Luke Wassegijig