Statement from the Minister of Transportation on Winter Highway Maintenance

Moments ago, Transportation Minister Glen Murray released the following statement:

As Minister of Transportation, I take my responsibility for the safety of Ontario’s highways very seriously.   As you’re aware, this winter has been an extremely challenging one, with numerous snow events and frigid temperatures. However, challenging weather is no excuse when the safety of the people traveling on Ontario’s roads and highways is at stake.
This winter, we announced that 50 additional combination snowplow/spreader units and five tow plows would be on the roads this winter, 42 of them in Northern Ontario. These additional vehicles, which are now on our roads, are essential to plowing and salting to keep our highways safe.
Regardless of the location of the highway in Ontario, our winter standards are consistent. Our maintenance contractors are required to meet those standards no matter where they’re working. I acknowledge that there have been cases where contractors have not met these standards. As a result, MTO staff have taken action, resulting in appropriate financial consequences and will take stronger action if significant improvements are not forthcoming.
Our maintenance contracts include approximately 30 different performance outcome targets related to winter maintenance. As well, as part of our commitment to oversight, the ministry has a regular and random review/audit program for all contracts across Ontario.   
If any Ontarian has a concern about the work that is being done on the province’s roads, I want to hear from them. Please email us at and let us know what you’re seeing, both good and bad. As well, let the Area Maintenance Contractors know what you’re seeing.
Working together, we can continue to keep our roads safe for everyone. That’s my commitment to all people of Ontario.