Stouffville man convicted for having loaded firearm in conveyance

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GORE BAY—A Stouffville, Ontario man has pleaded guilty to charges laid by a Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) conservation officer (CO) that he had a loaded firearm in conveyance in an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) during this past fall’s deer gun hunt season on Manitoulin Island.

In Provincial Offences Act (POA) court in Gore Bay on January 17, Mr. Benjamin Singh, age 26, pleaded guilty to the charges.

MNRF Crown prosecutor Dan Williams told the court that Mr. Singh and he had been in discussions the previous day and that the accused wanted to resolve the issue by pleading to the charges. 

Mr. Singh pleaded guilty to a reduced fine of $100 plus court fees, for a total of $125.

The court heard from Mr. Williams that on November 19, 2018 at Little Lake Huron Road, an MNRF CO made contact with Mr. Singh and found he had a loaded firearm in conveyance; he had been returning to his hunt camp from hunting and was operating a Yamaha ATV. The firearm, a 30-30 rifle, was at the front of the vehicle, with one live round in the chamber and two in the magazine.

Mr. Singh confirmed the facts outlined by Mr. Williams were correct.

Justice Darlene Hayden ruled that Mr. Singh be fined $100 plus court costs and have 45 days to pay the fine.

Man fined for having loaded firearm in conveyance

A  St. Thomas, Ontario man pleaded guilty and was fined for having a loaded firearm in conveyance, during the annual Manitoulin Island deer gun hunt in the fall of 2018.

The court heard that on November 21, 2018 in Assiginack Township, William McDowell had been contacted by an MNRF CO and charged with unlawfully having a loaded firearm in conveyance.

Mr. McDowell told the court he would be pleading guilty to the charge and would be requesting six months to pay his fine.

Crown counsel Mr. Williams told the court, “on that date, Mr. McDowell was contacted by an MNRF CO, being on an ATV and being in possession of an unencased firearm. It was dark and he also was not wearing a prescribed helmet while operating the vehicle. He had a magazine attached to the firearm.

Justice Hayden ruled that Mr. McDowell be fined $200 plus court costs and allowed Mr. McDowell (who told court he is in the process of changing careers) to take six months to pay the imposed fine.

Man fined for hunting without landowner permission

A Batchawana Bay, Ontario man has pleaded guilty to charges of hunting without landowner permission on Manitoulin Island during this past fall’s annual deer gun hunt.

The court heard that on November 19, 2018 in Allan Township, Daniel Shelly was hunting for deer. Mr. Williams explained, “to hunt deer on Manitoulin Island, because it is made up of so much private land, under provincial law, a hunter needs landowner permission in written form and that it be carried by the hunter. If someone is hunting on private property and does not have the landowner permission slip with them it basically means they are hunting without a licence.”

Mr. Williams continued, noting that on the same date, Mr.  Shelly was contacted by an MNRF CO and found to have a valid deer hunting license and game seal, however the accused didn’t know who the landowner was on the property he was hunting on. The CO then followed Mr. Shelly back to his hunt camp and it was proved he did not have permission to hunt on this land.

Justice Hayden accepted the plea of guilt by Mr. Shelly to the charges, and fined the accused $100 plus court costs.