Strange times when politicians admit mistakes and try to fix them

Supply management was a saviour for dairy business for years

To the Expositor:

Wow! A politician has actually admitted to making a mistake, then turning it around and fixing the hydro rates problem. That is exciting news. Congratulations, Kathleen Wynne, on making it happen. Even though it’s not hard to realize Mr. Shane Desjardins hates the Liberal government with a pessimistic passion, I optimistically expect a letter of appreciation written for your newspaper to Ms. Wynne after trashing her from all directions in a previous paper. Yes, you are right, Mr. Desjardins, I’m trying to make an optimist out of you.

On the topic of supply management, being in the farming business all my life, especially in the dairy business for years, supply management was a saviour for us in Canada as all the dairy countries overseas were heavily subsidized and we couldn’t compete on the world market. With supply management, we had a piece of the action.


Lyle Dewar
Providence Bay