Students learn the finer points of curling from Gore Bay Curling Club

Students from the Grade 5-8 class at St. Joseph’s Anishinabek school in Sheshegwaning stand along with Gore Bay Curling Club volunteer instructors Sandie Merrylees and Mary-Lynn McQuarrie.

GORE BAY—A young group of students from St. Joseph’s Anishinabek school from Sheshegwaning First Nation had the opportunity to learn some of the finer skills of curling, thanks to a group of volunteers with the Gore Bay Curling Club.

“My students really enjoyed it,” stated Jessica Gosselin, a Grade 5-8 teacher at the school. “I think our Anishinabek language teacher (Gene Cada) had approached the curling club about putting on the lessons for the students, to allow them the opportunity of learning how to curl.”

She noted her students visited the Gore Bay Curling Club once a week (for an hour) the past four weeks,  for lessons. Among those from the Gore Bay Curling Club who provided curling instruction included Sandie Merrylees, Mary-Lynn McQuarrie, Elva Carter and Jeff Hietkamp.

“The students learned all the basics of curling, from the stance, rolls, parts of the rink and a whole lot more,” said Ms. Gosselin. “We had to stop the lessons for this year as the curling club is looking to remove the ice soon. Hopefully, we will be able to go back again next year; my students really enjoyed themselves.”

She noted that the students had been introduced to curling through an in-school curling program.  “Hopefully the lessons provided by the curlers with the Gore Bay club will spur on some of the students to become curlers themselves,” said Ms. Gosselin.