Students showcase their Anishinaabemowin talents at Wikwemikong public speaking event

Participants in the Anishinaabemowin public speaking contest from all three Wikwemikong schools pose for a group photo following the event held last week. photo by Alicia McCutcheon

WIKWEMIKONG—On Thursday, November 19, students from Wikwemikong’s three schools had the chance to showcase their public speaking skills at the Anishinaabemowin public speaking contest held at the Wikwemikong High School.

Over 25 students took to the high school stage and gave a presentation in Anishinaabemowin on themselves and their respective families before five judges: Rosemary Wakegijig, Margaret Pitawanakwat, Joanna Pheasant and Agnes Manitowabi.

High school presenters included Charisma Staruck (third place), Erica Cooper (first place), Rebecca Wemigwans (second place), Adrian Trudeau and Harmony Rivers.

The Pontiac School participants were Danica Peltier (second place), Isaiah Manitowabi-Bell, Sunshine Kinoshameg (first place), Alyzaya Assiniwai (third place), Autumn Peltier and Sterling Pangowish.

The Junior School presenters made up the largest, and youngest, group of students. The students were Ethan Manitowabi, Patience Manitowabi, Kara Peltier, Jessica Wemigwans, Isabella Manitowabi (second place), Kiera Recollect, Elaninah Peltier, Shaye Ominika, Natalia Pitawanakwat (first place), Ciara Peltier (third place), Ms. Maureen Peltier, Jasmine Staruck, Sirene Trudeau, Hope Eshkibok, Carmine Wemigwans and Ms. Tracy Cooper.

“There is hope,” Judge Rosemary Wakegijig said of the future of Anishinaabemowin. “It takes a lot of courage to stand on stage—it’s a hard language to learn.”

Master of ceremonies Chris Pheasant noted how pleased he was with the great turnout of students.