‘Supposed to be free’ giveaways cost too much

To the Expositor:

It is my opinionated dream that the Ontario Hydro would please stop their “supposed to be free” promotional giveaways. It is costing us Hydro ratepayers too much money. They with their democratic dictatorship and another compulsory dimwitted idea have installed Smart Meters throughout Ontario which we the people had no say about. Our Liberal elected Premier Dalton McGuinty and his party should stay out of signing agreements and subsidizing private enterprise. Letting them use our grids with their wind and solar farms and buying back their generated electricity at 80 cents per kilowatt when we can produce it at seven cents per kilowatt is utterly ridiculous, and they want us to vote Liberal.

Dalton McGuinty and his hydro CEO should in my opinion be fired with no severance pay or pension; there is plenty of room at the unemployment insurance line.

If we need more electricity, just add more updated water generators to our present water generating electrical system. Cancel the agreement with the wind and solar farms and stay out of private businesses and save the taxpayers the numerous health lawsuits that are going to follow.

May I suggest that hydro adopt the saying on its stationary and equipment “Waste Not – Woe Not.” It’s your hydro!

Willard Taylor,

P.S. There should be no such word as a bonus in government or affiliates, government employees, as they are all well paid for what they do. Sick days and saving them should also be stopped immediately because if they are off work sick they are already covered by insurance. A waste of good taxpayers money.