Suspect named, arrested in alleged Sheg arson

SHEGUIANDAH – The suspect in an early morning April 21 fire that destroyed a Sheguiandah First Nation home turned himself in on April 29.

As a result of a UCCM Anishnaabe Police Services investigation, Cody Towers, 29, has been charged with two counts of arson under section 434 of the Criminal Code.

The suspect was arrested and released under the conditions of an undertaking with a court date set for June 3.

The fire occurred at approximately 3:45 am on April 29 and was responded to by the Northeast Town fire department who quickly extinguished the fire. Despite the fire department’s best efforts, the home and an adjacent vehicle were destroyed.

According to a release from the UCCM Anishnaabe Police Service, the suspect was seen leaving the area on foot shortly after the fire began. During the police investigation it was revealed the suspect had openly admitted to starting the fires in the residence and vehicle. 

The suspect reportedly left the area to avoid arrest and the UCCM Anishnaabe Police Service issued a warrant for his arrest in the interests of public safety.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Robert Manitowabi, the man whose home was lost, at