Tactical Scenario Training at Sudbury Outpatient Centre

Today, the Greater Sudbury Police Service Tactical Unit along with community partners participated in a training exercise held at Sudbury Outpatient Centre.

The purpose of the training scenario was to focus on a simulated; real-time, real-life emergency situation, through emergency response, integrated command and collaboration.

The Tactical Unit worked closely with Health Sciences North and the City of Greater Sudbury in order to identify threats, the proper responses and tactics to be initiated when faced with an emergency of this nature, and the techniques used to deescalate a situation until deemed safe for all those involved. 

The mock exercise was a great success with all partners learning a great deal on the collaborative efforts required to enhance community safety and well-being.

The scenario took place on an empty floor in order to not disrupt or alarm any patients in the Sudbury Outpatient Centre.