Tehkummah Council Notes

Paul Bowerman delegation

Ratepayer Paul Bowerman gave a presentation to council to request that the municipality form a cemetery care and maintenance committee, including council members and residents, that would be charged with maintaining recognized burial sites in the township. He said several residents have pledged money to help fund the work if such a committee could proceed.

He said the township holds licence number 3285162 which gives it jurisdiction over the care and maintenance of three cemeteries: 2256, Fairview United Church cemetery; 2257, South Baymouth children’s cemetery; and 2258 in Michael’s Bay.

Council resolved to form the committee, with councillors Eric Russell and Michael McKenzie serving in the group.


Council passed its annual borrowing bylaw 2020-001 (authorizing the township to borrow up to $290,000 if needed to cover costs before tax revenues begin to arrive), an Investing in Canada Infrastructure Stream transfer funding agreement for this summer’s road work projects in bylaw 2020-002, its appointment of municipal officials bylaw 2020-004, its Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) service agreement which will be in effect from January 1, 2020 until December 31, 2024 through bylaw 2020-005, and revisions to its animal control bylaw, 2019-34.

Changes to the animal control bylaw include a definition of the maximum number of dogs per household, licencing requirements for registered kennels, and a provision to require rabies vaccination records for dogs.

Information about registering dogs will be sent out in the municipal newsletter and on the township’s website.

Manitoulin Streams donation 

Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association requested a donation to help cover the costs of its ongoing stream maintenance and rehabilitation work. Last year, the township gave $2,500. However, due to needed reductions in the municipal operating budget, council discussed reducing its cash amount and instead offering in-kind support with the use of tools such as municipal equipment.

Councillor McKenzie suggested a monetary donation of $1,000 and a commitment to provide in-kind support for this year’s efforts. All councillors voted in favour.

Road rehabilitation project schedule

Council received a proposed schedule for the major roadway rehabilitation project on the 10th and 15th Sideroads as well as the Sixth Concession. 

At the February 4 meeting of council, WSP Engineering will present its proposed design for council’s consideration. Upon feedback from the township, it will revise and update its plans as appropriate. 

Tenders are planned to go out in March, closing in April, with the results of the tender to be reported back on April 17. Work is planned to start in May or June.

South Baymouth lagoon inspection

The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks compiled a report on the status of the South Baymouth wastewater lagoons. There were no issues found with the lagoons in this report.

Municipal insurance rates

Council received a copy of its 2020 municipal insurance estimates. Current annual costs are $30,788, but the cost at renewal is $34,539, an increase of $3,751 or just over 12 percent. Costs are further expected to go up once the township receives its new snow plow.

Insurance costs for the firefighters in the coming term will be $4,750.92.