Tehkummah Council Notes

September 1

Marina fishing

Councillor Rick Gordon asked if the marina docks could be reopened for September perch fishing, as has been traditional for years before a recent fishing ban. Clerk-administrator Silvio Berti said council could take down the signs but that it would create safety and liability concerns.

Cheque registry

Councillors completed the regular review of the cheque registry. One of the line items was a late fee to McDougall Energy in the amount of $108.47. Mr Berti said this arose during cash flow constraints with the 10th Sideroad project but staff is aware of the issue and had since caught up.

Sea container request

South Shore Volunteer Fire Fighters Association requested to install a sea container at the ball diamond for storage. Tehkummah is in the process of updating its zoning bylaw with respect to travel trailers and sea cans.

The township’s current regulations do not address sea cans; Manitoulin Planning Board prohibits trailers outside of trailer parks.

Councillor McKenzie said Tehkummah ultimately has to follow the Planning Board’s statues and the township may fall out of compliance. He also said trailers and sea containers are eyesores and he encouraged landowners to put up tax-eligible storage buildings.

“People have to build in this township. We need progress in this township, we need development,” he said.

Mr. Berti said the township may be able to tax sea cans or travel trailers in the form of a permit to have the building on a property at a rate similar to taxes.

Councillor Lorie Leeson agreed that space has run out and the group needs storage, suggesting a possible clause to revisit the township’s approval when bylaws change in the future.

Council approved one sea container next to the ballfield for storage, pending any changes to the township’s zoning bylaw that may change the status of the approval. The firefighters’ association had to get approval on the placement from the roads superintendent. Councillor McKenzie voted against the motion in a recorded vote.

Water system report

Tehkummah received a 100 percent score on its water system, though the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks offered some recommendations. 

These included changing the piping from the raw water feed into the flocculation tank and the pressure tank. The present design has no way to flush and clean the line and adding an elbow with a valve would allow direct drainage to the waste tank rather than the floor. This would reduce wear and tear and improve health and safety.

The ministry also suggested that Tehkummah should add a secondary chlorine analyzer as a backup.

ICIP COVID-19 resilience funding

Mr. Berti said the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program was taking funding applications for COVID-19 costs. Possible changes included expanding the council chambers for physical distancing and storage, improving air quality in the municipal building, and work to enhance health and safety in the garage.

Details had not yet been released at the time but Mr. Berti said he was trying to get ahead of the funding.

Shared EDO contract

Tehkummah approved the terms of reference between the two other townships for the shared economic development officer (EDO). Assiginack will employ the individual and the two other townships will pay Assiginack for the work the EDO does in their area.

August 11

Fire hall use

Fire crews allowed council to use the fire hall for all council meetings until COVID-19 is no longer an issue and the large space is no longer required.

Winter sand

Council approved a tender from C. Pearson and Son Excavation and Haulage for $17.26 per cubic metre, plus tax.

Nuisance seagulls

After receiving complaints, township staff drafted a letter to property owners to stop feeding seagulls as they pose health and safety risks, in addition to being nuisances. 

Animal control exemption

The Allum-Harter family sent a variance request for Tehkummah. The new property owners have six dogs but Tehkummah’s animal control bylaw limits households to three dogs. Council made an exemption for this household to have a maximum of six dogs, “until the demise of three dogs reduces the property owners to three dogs maximum per property and (is) in compliance with the township’s animal control bylaw.”

Donation requests

Tehkummah approved donations of $50 each to the Manitoulin Phragmites Project and Manitoulin Navy League Sea Cadets.

New docks

Work continued at the South Baymouth marina to replace floating docks that sustained damage last fall with the high water levels and winds. Insurance covered the costs of the docks and part of the boardwalk.

July 8

Fuel tenders

Council approved a four-year tender from Manitoulin Fuels for coloured diesel fuel ($70.12), clear diesel ($85.71), premium ethanol-free fuel ($110.45) and furnace oil ($70.12). The prices were all lower than another tender from McDougall Energy except for premium fuel. The two companies have since merged.

They also discussed tenders for two fuel tanks with an electric pump. They accepted one tank from Manitoulin Fuels at a price, including HST, of $6,311.20 and elected to buy out their existing Manitoulin Fuels-owned tank already on site for $1,500 plus tax.

Asset management plan

Tehkummah voted to reapply for funding to refresh its asset management plan, something it had previously approved but had not heard back on its funding application. The township committed $5,449 in its budget to cover its share; Public Sector Digest will make the application on Tehkummah’s behalf.

Property standards bylaw

Tehkummah received a signed, written complaint about property standards in the township and it formed a property standards committee as per its bylaw. The committee contained two members of public, the reeve, clerk-administrator, secretary and bylaw enforcement officer.

Councillor Michael McKenzie suggested having one member from the village of Tehkummah and one from South Baymouth because of concerns of discrepancies between the two areas.

Reduced Sixth Concession loads

This was slated as an information update on negotiations with the Township of Assiginack regarding heavy trucks on the road from a quarry in Assiginack, and Councillor McKenzie requested a closed session because of possible future litigation.

Fire truck temporary relocation

Council endorsed the temporary relocation of a fire truck to South Baymouth during the 10th Sideroad construction to reduce response times on the days when the road would be closed.

Wastewater funding update

Tehkummah was not successful for a federal infrastructure funding application for work on its water treatment facilities in South Baymouth.

Lifebreath air system

Staff shut down the Lifebreath air system in the municipal building. It circulates outside air but had been shut down because it brought excessive humidity, so there was no air circulating in the building—a potential health hazard. Staff were working to find ways to circulate air without the humidity concerns.