Tehkummah Council Notes

New procedural bylaw

Council held a closed session at the beginning of the evening’s council proceedings to discuss the new procedural bylaw and for the current council to deliberate its details. Non-council or staff members present were incoming reeve David Jaggard, incoming councillor Rick Gordon, municipal consultant Doug Nadarozny and Angele Charbonneau of financial organization MNP.

The meeting ended after three hours at 9 pm and council returned into open session. Mr. Gordon had left partway through the meeting.

In the open meeting, council voted the new procedural bylaw through its second, third and final readings. There was no copy of the bylaw provided to meeting attendees in the agenda package or upon The Expositor’s request to the acting deputy clerk-treasurer.

2017 financial audit

Ms. Charbonneau, representing MNP, presented the final 2017 financial audit to council. Council voted to receive the audit documents before her presentation.

Councillor Lorie Leeson, after the vote, asked whether the report should have been presented first. Ms. Charbonneau then made her presentation.

Acting deputy clerk-treasurer Barbara Grigg offered to hold another vote to place it in the proper order but some councillors said their votes were the same and it would not matter.

Accounts payable

Council approved accounts payable dating from July to October. Councillor Mike McKenzie raised a question about a large invoice to McDougall Fuels. Ms. Grigg said it was likely to cover multiple invoices, though the cheque could not be located immediately during the meeting.

Schoolhouse roof

Council received one response from five requests for quotation it sent out to install a new roof for the Schoolhouse Museum in South Baymouth.

TerraStar Building Products won the bid with a steel roof quoted at $4,710.62 before taxes, not including strapping, soffit and fascia. A volunteer team is expected to complete the installation.

Councillor McKenzie proposed a motion to clear trees around the property to prevent them from falling and damaging the new roof.


Council had received a number of letters from organizations requesting donations.

Manitoulin Family Resources received a donation of $500 for the Christmas Food Basket campaign.

Council donated $400 to a scholarship meant for graduating high school students in the township. Since there were no Tehkummah graduates this year, $300 is destined to individuals from other townships whose parents have Tehkummah connections. The remaining $100 is to be held in trust for a future Tehkummah graduate.

Councillor Ron Hierons suggested donating $200 to the 4H club.

Joint Health and Safety Committee minutes

Councillor Paul Bowerman expressed concerns about moving forward after receiving reports of violence or harassment against staff. He urged defined timelines for action because without a procedure to follow after receiving a report, the committee is not effective. Council voted to contact the OPP to have a representative meet with council regarding an incident at the landfill.