Tehkummah Talk and Times

Lots of cheering at the hall when Mary Johnston got a 28-hand on Wednesday. Our first day back, we had four and a half tables and an awful lot of fun. First time the high hand has been a 28 since Evelynn Pattison’s big 29 a few years back. First, 244, Gib and Florence; second, 238, Lori and Rick; third, 227, Cal and I; low, Susan and Simon; door prize, Lori Gordon. Thank you to our goodie providers: Joy, Mum and Margaret. A reminder folks…cribbage starts at 1:30 pm on Wednesdays.

Well I almost got stuck going to the bird feeder again! It was close!

Well, didn’t my daughter come through the door with the most beautifully coloured chrysanthemum. I just love it! She wished me a Happy Easter. I guess it’s coming soon, eh?

I went to Mum’s after the cribbage game even though she beat me two to one. I did get exactly the same hand as Mary did earlier?

I decided to make some olive cheese bread. Right now it’s rising as I’m watching American Idol. Probably won’t get it out of the oven ‘til midnight? Later!

A pigeon landed out where the birds feed this morning (Thursday). I’ve never had that happen before unless they were the banded ones in the summertime? Pretty one.

The morning looks lovely but there is still quite a nip in the air.

I wish I could sleep properly!

Up and ‘attem Thursday. Mum called just as I was heading out the door. Our bible study was at Pauline and Wayne’s starting early so we got a session in before our potluck lunch and what a lunch it was. We could have fed an army (well close) and it was delicious. This has been the most enlightening and enjoyable series, a couple more weeks in the spring session.

Dropped Mum off. It was after four. Had a wee nap while I was watching my shows, almost slept through the euchre time. The regular games have started again. We only had three tables but it was fun! Audrie was my partner and we did well for a few games. The final three did me in, and both of us ended up with 61 points! Margaret was on KP duty. Men’s high, Graham, 91; men’s lone hands, Gib, 4 (I cut for loss); men’s low, Lloyd, 46; ladies’ high, Pat Novak, 71; ladies’ lone hands, Pat Novak, 5; ladies’ low, Florence, 51; door prize, Sheila.

I finally had to come out and sleep in my “Laz zee Girl” chair. Sleep evades!

Thinking of you Brian – Pat. Hope you are feeling okay! Good to hear Elaine (W) is home from the hospital.

David Sibbery was carry out boy for Ward’s and brought a bag of dog food to my door. Dave told me last fall he was spending the winter next door, but he said his Bracebridge area had lots of snow too!

A three-handed cribbage at Mum’s. Susan won one, I won two, Mum “zero.” I beat her two to one on Friday, after she got back from town with Pauline and Wayne and shopping.

Did it ever rain! This morning (Saturday), I heard the snow plow again, a white world! Anybody sick of it yet? On and on and on? I’ll be like the little Whoville people—but singing where is summer. The Grinch must be out there stealing?

Well if it isn’t Monday morning again! Where do the weeks go? Well, on Saturday I drove to Little Current on the awfullest roads. Bare to drifty and slops. It took me a while, but we got there safely, almost lost it on the last curve before Little Current. At the Anglican Church Hall the Red Hat get-together hosted by Little Current group was lovely. A nice lunch, beautifully decorated tables and room, a terrific fashion show by Pazazz, Shelburne, Ontario. The largest Red Hat distributor of fashion and accessories in Ontario? Canada? Neat stuff anyway. I assume all the models were Little Current gals…and the timeless scarf. Our table “The Tehkummah Southern Belles” only have five of us, Lydia, Carolyn, Betty, Mum and I. Two girls from South Baymouth group Kristen and Marnie. They had a good crowd but seemed to be quite a few empty spots too. Weather perhaps.

A couple of games of cribbage with Mum. I did good! On Sunday the same! I don’t do so well against Cal though, he whomped the tar out of Cole and I on Saturday evening.

Church at Fairview on Sunday, Mum had a sore eye so didn’t go. A fun interactive church service, stories (a cute one by Pauline about their pet budgie, way back when!) and others. Our sermon was on really seeing the world and ourselves. Hopefully we will soon see the lovely flowers, eh what? And I’m going to steal Lynda’s line “Have a wonder filled week!”

Great to see Andy Watson back. Get well soon Dot! Good to see Joan back from Florida. And we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mary Yett. Later because of her allergies at Carol’s and Earl’s she got a piece of perch, a side of umbrella and a candle for her cake? There! She quite appreciated it (Susan, Simon, Pauline, Wayne, Lynda, Martin, Joan, Mary and I). Dave and Barb came in while we were there. I thought he had just come out of hibernation!

Simon came from Sudbury this week with animals to add to their zoo—chickens, bunnies and a cat?

Sympathy to Helen Oswald in the loss of her brother this past week.

How are you doing Burt?

I heard I missed an excellent show at the hall on Saturday. A big crowd.

Cal roasted up a turkey for Sunday’s supper. His assistant, Florence, peeled spuds and turnip.

Cole and Cal checked out Wiky’s new Dollar Store, and also the Flee Market where they met Gib and Florence and invited them for supper. I’d just nicely got in the door here when I got a call to hurry or I’d miss supper (something I rarely do!). Afterwards we had a half dozen good games of cards. Ladies won again! I watched the Country Music Awards later.

Hey, weren’t Canadian Babies cute (in the sap buckets!) (How they are born!)?