Tehkummah Talk and Times

I just got home from inviting myself to Cal’s for supper. I just didn’t feel like being alone tonight. So after a few games of cards, me winning two of them, I went home while it was still daylight. Earlier in the day I beat Mum again.

It’s been a busy few days. Lorna Russell opened her house up on Monday for our Sr. U.C.W. meeting. This week of course with the wearin’ of the green and all. We had a few Irish songs and a potluck lunch after. Lorna and Robert had their daughter Tammy and grandson Cameron there (school break). Our members attending were Audrie, (Mum) Jean, Pauline and Bev. Reta was still in the hospital undergoing tests.

Tuesday the birthday party at the hall saw a small turnout for a good video provided by Joan Beard on the Grand Canyon. No actual birthday people were there. We celebrated for them.

Received some sad news that my second cousin, Vince McCauley, had passed away from a massive heart attack at the age of 45. He had a sister, Dana. She and Jeanne were in Florida. His funeral was on Friday in Toronto.

On Wednesday we celebrated with other Red Hat Ladies at the Tehkummah Hall. Stew, chili, buns, homemade biscuits, veggies and dessert. Still with the St. Patrick’s theme, tables decorated. We had a sing-a-long (almost sounded like we were singing in rounds at times), lots of laughs as we sang from the song books. Mum sang a few Irish songs including the ‘River Shannon.’ Helen had a Price is Right game. I did a couple of rounds with cards bingo.

The weather has stayed nice. Sunshine is great.

While we were at the hall we got the news that Dr. Bailey had died. I was sitting beside Carole. She said he delivered all her kids. I said me too.

This morning I called Joan in Florida. They’ve been “suffering” through eighty degree temperatures. I knew she would be finding it hard being so far away from Dodds. Then I called him, too, to offer sympathy.

I called Bert Bosje who sounded very upbeat. He goes for his surgery on Monday. So will keep him in our prayers, too.

TV promised Northern lights but?

I woke up singing ‘Almost.’ Could be an Eddy Arnold song or George Morgan? I know I sang it all the way through, tried to write it down on paper, but it evades me! It’s probably ‘cause I got up in the night and made myself a bagel with cottage cheese.

The Cosmic Coincidence—the spring equinox super moon and total eclipse. But as much as they talked of Northern lights, I couldn’t find any.

Sympathy to Joan and the family of Ken Williamson. Though a sad occasion, it was nice to see Karen and Cathy.

International Day of Happiness (Friday). Must be because of ‘Happy Spring.’ “May all our feet touch green grass soon!”

Today, March 20, the birthday boy is Jace. I gave him his birthday hug at Foodland (where he works in the meat department). Tara was cleaning shelves.

I took my new pill tonight. One is always a bit apprehensive. I’ve been on the same (pretty well) ever since I had my heart surgery. The lagging and dragging, I guess, is high blood pressure. Though it was too low when I had the cold? This stuff confuses me. While I was in the hospital area I visited with Reta, who looked good. She had angioplasty and a stent the day before. Reg and Pat were visiting her. Then Vivian had Mary and John visiting her. She did some kind of a trick the night before and spent the night trying out her floor for comfort. Could have been serious.

I had played a couple of games of cards with Mum prior to going up, so I left when she badly skunked me. I had to get moving anyway.

The funeral for Elaine McCauley was large. The eulogy was touching. All the girls spoke and the oldest granddaughter. Lovely! Messages from far-off family delivered. Nice Hymns and a musical tribute from Steve and Dale before Martin’s reflections. A delicious lunch was served by members of the Triangle Club. Many of the family were leaving for home right after the service. Most from Grand Valley and Orangeville area. It was nice to see the family, but I didn’t get a lot of visiting time. I was going to go back to the hall Thursday evening, but fell asleep in my chair.

Going up to Mindemoya I saw one wild goose standing by Jerry McGillis’ frozen pond. Coming home there were five in the area. Two deer in the field across from Neil McGillis’ farm. Two pheasants right in the town of Mindemoya, one pileated woodpecker and multiple pairs of crows.

Dr. Vandercoy and his wife are spending a week on the Island. First time here but familiar with our Northern area.

Dave says there will be three snows after the first Robin sighting. Somebody saw one.

Dave’s sister Joyce, daughter Crystal and granddaughter Avery came to wish Dave a happy birthday on Saturday evening. Their family too celebrating March birthdays.

Why do I have so much to write about? Is it because I’m never home?

Mollie called on Saturday morning and said she was picking up Mum and I to take us for lunch in Manitowaning. That was super except for the fact there was no restaurants open in town. So we ended up at Carol’s and Earl’s.

On Saturday, a couple of hours later, I picked Mum up to eat again. This time at Sherry and Dave’s for Dave’s 61st birthday celebration. Doug, Marion, Tara, Ray, Skylar and Cal were there. Delicious dinner and great visiting. Mum, Sherry and I played a few cribbage games before we came home. Sherry won all (I think).

Helen phoned early (well I was in the tub) Sunday morning to say there were fifteen at the Manitowaning Anglican Church for our International dinner “Panama.” She said the food was delicious.

Church at Fairview, then lunch at Carol’s and Earl’s and table sharing with Reuben and Jeneen. Nice visit. When I got home I called Cal who picked me up. A short test ride, and a few cribbage games (Cole played one). I must have got beaten. Then we went to Carol and Earl’s for supper. There we sat with Rick and Kathleen Pyette, Susan and her son Jeff (Rennie), Megan and Brooke who stayed all week with “grammy” and helped do chores and visited Granny Jean and Riley. She had a good week she told me.

Pauline and Wayne had Anita, Alicia and Samantha visiting this weekend.

School break is over. Shortly Easter is here. Palm Sunday is coming up. Good Friday service is at Fairview on April 3 (evening) and hopefully a “Sunrise Service” again on “Fossil Hill” on April 5.

You know from day to day you never know what will come your way. This week it was a phone call from Steve Hall in Gore Bay requesting a poem I had written a few years ago. He remembered the second line (I think). I’ll have to look it up for him. When I write you never know who will be touched/impacted by the words. Always great to hear from and meet a new friend.

The Visitor

Face to face in the garden

I had a good visit with God

A trowel in my hand as I worked there

My knees firmly pressed in the sod.

I tamped down the earth that did welcome

The tender young plants I put there.

I anticipated my future blossoms

That I placed with trust in His care.

Like sprouts to the light so we hunger

For the caring our souls need to share

Like plants then we look to the future

And soon too will bloom like prayer.

Pat Hall

A Bert Bosje joke: I met a man who left the toilet seat up all week! (His wife was away.)