Tehkummah Talk and Times

I took a cooked chicken and a loaf of fresh homemade bread in to Mom’s on my way home from Mindemoya yesterday. I had a long day up there, started with blood work in the morning and I checked out Kat’s Pet Supplies which has an amazing stock of anything one would ever need (from dog down). I was fortunate to find an opening (same day) at the lovely new Dental Clinic, wonderful staff (personal encounters with Allysa and Dr. Nathan). In between my waiting time for the opening (in more ways than one), I visited Cindy’s Store. Lots of sales on there (I resisted, but I’m thinking). I did the laundromat thing, checked out the new (to me) Community Living Store. Nancy gave me a tour through the well laid out food bank side, what a great set-up. They have a lovely little kitchen for volunteers and teaching and were helped greatly by local stores in setting that up. I had my breakfast at Mom’s in the morning, and my muffin, tea and pills at the little coffee shop. I didn’t miss many spots while my waiting time lasted. I found out that Cal was up, had I known I could have had a coffee with him, though I visited with a nice lady at the coffee shop.

This morning is cold again. I was awake a lot in the night, and then slept until almost nine. I called my cousin Pat (Leeson) in Elliot Lake; she said Marg (Reckahn) came to visit her yesterday (Tuesday).

Mom and I have to play two “Rubbers” as two days in a row we came out of cribbage even. (Doing two skunks and a win each, one day!!) Pauline, Wayne and Susan are all ill with a cold (as of Thursday). Pauline had two robins on her lawn on the 25th. I talked to Reta Vanhorn this morning, who is home again and feeling good she says.

The stupid hairs on my chin are like dandelions, they duck when I show them the tweezers…

I found the most beautiful saying, music and scenery on a channel, Daystar. I didn’t even know I had “Reflections” #650 (just in case you’d like to check it out).

Well Thursday night euchre, twelve and a half tables: Blaine and Pat, 83 points; Lloyd and Marg, 80, and both these teams got seven lone hands as well. Rennie and Judy, 79 points; Graham and Sheila, 75. Raymond and I were tied with Hugh and Lyla (game 10), but they beat us out for chocolate bars by three points. Door prize, Graham; K.P. duty, Richard and Bev. They told me the story of a cardinal fluttering at their window the last few days (admiring, fighting?). Lloyd saw a robin, people keep speaking of wild geese, so despite the cold temps and snow on the ground this morning, I guess we may have spring anyway.

Well here it is, everyday has its rewards. I met a nice gentleman in the Giant Tiger store today named Daniel L. McGregor. He introduced himself and asked if it was me who wrote the Tehk Talk? Says he always reads it first and writes a column himself. Nice day for driving, though I was riding; cold wind, great sun. Cal and I lunched at Rusty’s again; it’s changed all around inside. We shopped at Hart, the Dollar Store and Giant Tiger and I was back home putting stuff away by 4 pm.

Mom was off to Sudbury for another needle for the macular degeneration, thanks to Lori and Rick for driving her.

I guess I advertised wrong, the Good Friday Service is at 11:30 am at Fairview Church, April 3, and Easter Sunrise Service hopefully 7 am with the regular service at Fairview at 11:30 am. Don’t miss the Easter Egg Hunt on April 4 at 1 pm, ages 12 and under, sponsored each year by the Jr. U.C.W.

I hear Bert Bosje is doing well since his surgery.

I was wondering one day about Art Moggy while talking to Quinn at Carol’s and Earl’s one day, and she says he’s doing well and he’s with her aunt (Port Elgin?) Sometimes things get mixed in my mind, would you believe it??

We are so grateful here in Tehkummah to have our little post office back, and I have been remiss in mentioning this. So welcome belatedly to Diana Pyette, our new Post Mistress. I was interested in Mrs. Witty’s letter (Echo Bay), I assume Toronto needs the letters and mail to keep their numbers up! (i.e. pieces handled) It does seem strange that stuff/mail, local, has to go to Toronto first? It’s that “more haste less speed” Murphey’s Law that those in the know use on us poor “un eddy cated” folk. They should never talk to Murphey?

Scams and scammers, here is one to know: This week police anti-bullying campaign. Is it real? Starting bids $20-$25. (No I didn’t!)

The song “Look for the Silver Lining” is running through my head, then Megan (I think) the figure skater, speaks of silver linings and the first page I turn to in the magazine, the same. Messages or what? (Same day.)

Singing “When Irish Eyes,” you know it’s not even 6 am; I’ve already had my long time in the tub. The skyline is red again this morning.

Dorothy got beat yesterday at Mom’s and then so did I, (two skunks). Dorothy came out on top last time though like me, much better last week!

Talking about colour (was I?) on our slow drive home from Carol’s and Earl’s on Friday evening, the lake was so beautiful. First we saw a gigantic iceberg floating in the bay (no polar bears), then Lakeshore Road the colours the pale and bluey ice patches interspersed with what should have been white snow, showed pink in the time of evening, which gave a purple hue to the whole setting. We were actually looking for deer, though the count isn’t quite accurate, we saw about 57. The deer watch is on!!

So drive carefully and stay off the ice too!