Tehkummah Talk and Times

I picked the blanket up beside my chair, apologized, and dropped it back down on Toad. He’s like the darn cats, likes to be near me.

I filled my bird feeders three times before noon today. So many birds. Mostly the small ones.

There are thousands of small maple trees growing in the outlying gardens. See if I can get them all pulled before next year’s lot start?

New baby doin’s in the Royalty division. Cute little sister for George.

One minute I’m burning up, now I’m cold again. Had a bad night. I missed bingo again so you know I’m sick.

More sad news yesterday when we heard Margaret Honess had passed away. For years she was one of our birthday party entertainers at the hall. A great volunteer and an excellent piano player with a lovely smile!

Pat Falter blew by, I wasn’t feeling well. We arranged a meeting then had to leave for her Mother’s Day surprises.

Mollie and John were down for Elvis, picking up Helen on their way. What did happen to Sunday?

There were four and a half tables at cribbage. Nice to have Del and Marilyn with us. Two high hands (24), Gib and Mum; first Margaret (Mc) and Lois, 952; second, Lori and Rick, 935; third, Mary and Jean, 932; low, Gib and Florence, 861; door, Marilyn. No cribbage on May 13.

My lilac tree is glowing with colour—gold, reds, browns and scarlet, and it’s a long way from blooming yet. A rose-breasted grosbeak earlier there too.

I had the longest (probably) ever talk with sis Susan on the phone. (I’m really not a phone person.)

My writing must be atrocious as there seem to be a lot of mistakes in my columns lately. I’m going to have to quit writing!

Ray’s mushrooms (shitake and oyster) are growing good!

Monday, May 11—Ed and Shirley Sagle did a walk through the wet grass (that had grown good since the rain) to check out my flower gardens.

Hope you heal soon Kay Gordon!

I saw the hummingbird feeder moving earlier, there is a breeze, but at 6:31 pm I saw him. It’s so exciting isn’t it? (May 8, 2015)

Earlier today a house finch hit the window. I saw it drop. Figured it was a goner, but I tucked it into a flower pot and put another on top, left it for a half an hour. Thought I’d take it to the bottom of the garden. But when I lifted the lid, it flew away. My day’s only good deed.

Derek finally caught up with me on Wednesday. It was so good to hear from him. My Mother’s Day call, 23 degrees here that day, he said zero there. Derek is in Mackenzie, BC.

Thursday morning I finally went up to emergency. They say the allergens are affecting everyone this spring, lack of rains, winter and spring probably. Anyway with eyes that are glued together and coughing and spitting and bronchitis (a new one for me), I’m muddling through again.

Euchre results: High, Linda B, 82 and 3 lone hands; low, Margaret Mc, 46; men’s high, Andy, 68; men’s lone hands, 2; men’s low, me, 47; door, Dorothy.

Monday morning coming down and here I sit column unfinished. I have to backtrack my mind!

Wednesday evening the Jr. U.C.W. held their annual Mother’s Day Tea. They always go to a lot of work to entertain us as well. This year’s theme “Puppets Gone Wild” as the big little people entertained with toe-tapping rhythms and express joy. Congratulations to Lori and Erin and their handy assistants Dorothy and Betty. Superb! A full hall got to enjoy this act, one I think they should take on the road. Delicious lunch served after.

Contact with the mainland, a little more activity around. Summer folks opening cottages. I hear my nephew Peter McCauley was here for fishing. I’m sure he stopped to say hello to Grandma Jean! Also Dana McCauley her mom. Jeanne stayed with Joan a few days. They went to Elliott Lake on Saturday to visit Pat Leeson. On Sunday Dana and Jeanne spent the afternoon at Susan’s where we got to have a visit with them. The first we’d talked “one on one” since Vince’s death. It was a nice get-together, Pauline, Mum, Paula and I.

Paula, Sean and Brandon spent the weekend with her mom and Simon. They also had their friends Caroline and Rick Gilbert stay with them. Rick, an amazing tribute to Elvis impersonator, did a super show at the hall on Saturday night. I don’t know how he can sing songs one after another with hardly a breath between. Very personable through the audience. Many receiving gifts, roses, bears, stuffed animals, etc. His promoter, Simon, did lots of promoting. I don’t know who won the door prize.

Mother’s Day was busy. Sherry calls early, picks up some Mother’s Day give away for our church for me. She donates some of the flowers. Kim and Kathy phone. They have lots of small birds down their way this year too they say.

Today church was at St. Andrew’s. June McDougall is our minister for the next while. Had lunch at Carol’s and Earl’s with June, Sherry, Tara, Mary, Justin, Quillan, Pauline, Wayne and Mum. Our usual (Mum and I) visit to the greenhouses this year cancelled out so we could visit relatives. We just got home from Susan’s in time for a delicious Mother’s Day dinner cooked by grandson-in-law Ray. An annual event we do appreciate so much. Mum, Sherry, Dave, Cal and their family (well, Jacob’s at grandparent Bebamash). Mum told some of her young life stories—amazing. When I took her home I beat her two of three and got even for Saturday’s beating of me!