Tehkummah Talk and Times

I missed a couple of great painting classes this past week. My expectations are always set too high, and so I am disappointed in people, life events. I don’t know why I do this, you would think by now I would have learned, but they say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

My days are so busy one would assume that I don’t have time to think.

I have been spending a lot of “time” outdoors, my progress in the garden areas is very slow. Those chairs half way down the garden have been a great comfort and relief!!

Tuesday a medical appointment finds me in Mindemoya challenging their flagmen and when are they going to put “lights” in at that corner.

I had my lunch at Simply Soup and Sandwich, always great food. (Did I get your name right?) Marge Bailey of Evansville (PSW) I always know faces but, Lord, I have trouble with names.

Cal was having a small growth on his nose removed too, that day. He also met the new young Dr. Hannah who is on the Island until the end of August, (training out of McMaster). I took some food down to his place and shared supper with him.

Stopped at Moms on my way home and after she skunked me I said I was going home. She as much as called me “chicken” so I did one better, I double skunked her before I left!!

Cribbage on Wednesday, four and a half tables (some re-arranging of partners) High hand Joy, 24; first Joy and Bert, 948; second Jean and Mary, 929; third Cal and I with, 928; low Gib and Florence, 809; door Jim H. and Betty Jean.

Thank you lunch providers! Good!

Betty Jean took me with her to Sandfield euchre on Wednesday night. They had six tables, I remember Rick won men’s high and Annette the ladies, maybe?

They announced there that Capt. Don, one of our regular euchre and cribbage players, had passed away July 3rd. We never saw him last year at all, and had been wondering about him. Sympathy Robertson family and friends.

Thursday nights euchre tournament at the Tekhummah hall, Daisy and Robert (Moise) on K.P duty. Thank you Bill and Brad for the donation. First Brad and Bill, 84 points; second Eva and Donna, 82 and 8 lone hands. Third Dennis and Rick, 78; fourth Sheila and Graham, 77; low 49 points tie Florence and Gib and Faye and Myrna, (see, you did get your name in the paper!!) door, Marlaina.

From my “Secret Sister” I thank you, for the beautifully written stories by Murray Pura. ‘Majestic and Wild’ is an amazing book. Edge of the seat, true, adventurous and inspirational, found it at the Mindemoya laundromat!

Each year I borrow the perennial sweet peas from Joyce Ward’s garden and place them on our tables, for our Strawberry Social, in her memory, just as she always did that, and her pail full of homemade lemonade.

Well for a while, I didn’t think we would have anyone but all of a sudden the door started swinging. Joan and Bordie were official greeters. A nice flower basket donated by Audrie was won by Irene James. The door prize won by Dorothy was kindly donated back. Thank you to all who enjoyed the delicious strawberry short cake and huge berries. Weren’t they delicious? Mom as always is the official drink pourer. For the gals who bake and help out we appreciate you all so much.

Tara, Ray, Jacob and Skylar were taking in the vistas of Agawa Canyon this weekend. Lori and Rick away, celebrating their 25th anniversary, congratulations! Joan McMurray has her granddaughter Morgan visiting. Lorna Russell has her grandchildren with them.

Lorriane Reardon has a houseful, her grands come in sets. I met Hailey and Harlow at the library book and bake sale Saturday morning. A pretty good turn out there as well.

Saw lots of motorcycles going by from the Providence Bay Ride.

Martin started laughing during his today service. We were singing the Tennessee Waltz at the time. Today we took the songs of our lives, the music and inspiration. The theme of course was music. What a wonderful service. Afterward June, Mom, Pauline, Wayne, Kathy, Terry, Mary and I met at Carol’s and Earl’s, great visiting time!

Wasn’t too long after I beat Mom three straight in cribbage, that I was back there again. Gib and Florence after came back to Cal’s, where we had a few good games. I think the guys did “much” better tonight.

On Friday night Sherry and Dave came to Cal’s, and we had half a dozen or so games of sequence. The guys defeated us well? We did win a couple I recall? Sometimes don’t you think my life is one big game (long anyway)? Cal said Manitowaning had a good parade. Free hot dogs too I heard!

I heard a week or so ago about this lady who got helmeted up, and had a ride home on a motorcycle, with her grandson/ great grandson? Way to go Audrie, your first, at almost 99!! Sounds good to me! I believe the library bake and book sale was a success on Saturday morning at Tekhummah. Mom and I called in and it seemed busy.

I was surprised to see Scott (Welch), Catherine and Hannah there. They were stealing some “Island Time.” Hannah just loves it here, she says. They have a spot on Townline, Tekhummah Township.