Tehkummah Talk and Times

Tuesday a.m. Wow I slept late. The birds have been awake for at least a half an hour! I don’t think I moved all night. Monday turned into a busy day. After I took my stuff to be faxed I decided to go to the Garden Shed. Marge and Laurence came and sat with me, and we visited. I got an update on Wayne’s health issues. Morning air is blowing so sweetly in my window, must have been those “sin” drops of rain that landed on the property yesterday?

Ron Anstice had knee replacement too so thinking of you guys. Hope all goes well. I was sitting under the tree when Joan came along and asked if I wanted to go to town (Manitowaning) of course I never say no. I said my day is shot now anyways. Mollie was just stopping at Mom’s as we rounded the corner. In town we shopped Nack’s and had tea at Queen Street General, sat with Marilyn (Moggy) and Helen O.

A week or so ago I impulsively stopped David and told him his mom had come to say goodbye. After I’d done it, I wished I hadn’t but perhaps I was meant to be the messenger, for she passed away peacefully in her sleep last weekend. Sympathy to the family of Jean Sibbery.

Skylar came in and showed me on her tablet (I think they’re called) all the pictures of the /her trip to the Agawa Canyon, beautiful scenery a weird looking snake? I think they had a good time. Ray came in with two boxes of huge mushrooms and gave me heck, for not picking/watching while they were gone (ha) and gave me a couple of ‘em, I’ll have for breakfast. They say a half a cup of “shitakes” a day will keep cancer at bay!!! Good stuff, and they are delicious.

Hello cousin Pat Leeson in Elliot Lake! Susan called to see if I wanted to go to the Aboriginal Country Music Show in Wiky, she went with Willie.

Sandra and Grant (Pegalo) and their family were at C and E’s on Friday evening. (Wednesday) five tables for cribbage, and a feast fit for a king or two. High hand, Lois, 20; high score, Gib and Florence, 928; second, Bert and Joy, 927; third, Janet and Glenn, 917; low, Jim and Jesse, 834; door, Jim and Cal.

Pat (Norton) brought her friend Janet and it was good to see Melissa back again. After the girls (McCauley crew that is) went to Happy Moose for our supper, Susan drove. Mom, Mollie and I, Sherry was there, waiting for us, a fun time. On Tuesday evening we went to Susan’s, Mollie prepared supper. Mom, Pauline, Wayne and I. Susan made us banana splits for dessert. Wayne left us to play cards. So the four of us did some cribbage while Susan did some chores. A huge raccoon was skulking around the chicken/duck pens.

Daisy and Robert on their second night of K.P. Six tables at euchre. Men’s high, Hugh, 78 and four lones hands; low, Dave James, 49; ladies high, Pat Hall, 85; five lone hands, low, Marg (Case), 49. We almost gave her chocolate bar to Rose. Door, Brenda or Grant?

Nice to see Reg and Sherry (Hall). They are at their place on the Manitou River. Hello Nora (Hall) I hear they were visiting you.

Lori and Rick (Gordon) are home again after having a wonderful trip to Montreal kin celebration of their 25th anniversary.

Speaking of anniversaries, John and Pat (Novak), Terry and Cathy (Hill) and Pauline and Wayne (Martin) went to Red Lodge on Thursday evening to celebrate their mid July Anniversary dates, congrats.

Sympathy to the family of Hector Vanhorn. Raised here in Tehkummah. He was the nicest kid.

Almost daylight Sunday morning. I slept well, went to bed early? Shortly after eleven.

I had a fun day Saturday, while waiting for the rain drops, but had to water the roots of my plants just at dusk anyway.

After leaving Cal’s I went to town (Manitowaning) to Barney’s Bargains where I found a few, fun looking, sat and had a coffee, got to try some good soup. While I sat Nora came and visited, Sis Susan and her friend Linda from (Dowling?) sat for a few, Joan and Borden.

Drove back through town. Sue and her hubby were relaxing in the shade at Nack’s. “Mr. and Mrs.” Noble were sitting on the deck at the Muskie Widows. Borden yelled at me so I joined them had a nice visit and snack with he and Joan (thanks). I stopped, and shopped, Manitowaning Mill H.H then toured Rainbow Gardens where the scent from the oriental lilies almost knocked my socks off, they were huge and beautiful too and I guess I wasn’t wearing socks? Got home, fed everything, sat in the shade. Stepped on a stone almost fell, bruised my sole “good bless it”!! Tara, Jacob, Mom and I had supper at Diane’s. Rainbow fish and chips, sat in that cozy spot, visited Diane a bit. Cards with Mom later, I won, “HooRay” one out of three.

Friday morning I was at the laundromat before eight, but there was already someone busy. A nice young lady from Hanmer camps on the Island 12 years and didn’t ask her name. Stopped at Simply Soup and Sandwich for a most delish breakfast bagel. They have the best coffee.

Home, watered stuff. Took some supper makins to Cal’s, he was cooking pork chops.

Something I hadn’t seen for a long time is a weasel, but two crossed the road ahead of me (up near Lentirs) one after another and were they moving (on Friday).

The morning so quiet the birds never really started singing until seven, unusual. A huge hawk flew into the cedar nearby and two very small birds put the run on it!! The only sound was the water splashing in the pond the first hour I sat out. The mosquitoes still try to annoy me, but I bravely persevered.

Happy Birthday cousin Joan 89th. Happy Anniversary Judy and Bob. Missed Lynda and George’s by a couple of weeks?

Loretta reminded me of the upcoming August first events at South Baymouth. Saturday Fire Fighters Yard Sale S.B.D.C.A’s BBQ and bake sale at the museum grounds. Today the veterans celebrated at the Tehkummah hall the end of the Korean War in 1952 at the Memorial Garden’s.

Still no darn rain in sight.