Tehkummah Talk and Times

Today I’m taking issue (not a drug, but a stand) against laziness. #1 Perhaps, almost every time I go to Foodland there are shopping carts left Willie Nillie. I usually take two back on my way to return them. Sometimes they’re taking up a parking spot. Sometimes someone has to remove them so they can get their car out. Would another minute of your time be too much? It could mean someone’s life or smacked up car. Please! #2 Garbage on roads. We don’t have a Tim Horton’s on Manitoulin, so bags, cups, bottles, diapers, for gosh sakes. Please think. #3 My Sudoku puzzle was gone from the insert? Please! “Short vacation eh!” #4 Lack of rain. Please! Got it!

On Monday I was in Mindemoya early and back to Mum’s around 11 am. What a hot day! I was trying to keep my tomato plants alive. Water the roots morning and night.

Hey kids! Your summer holidays are half over!

Joan’s 29th turned into 89, so she’s still speaking to me. One of these days I’m going to be in big Ca Ca? Perhaps my writing needs to improve?

From day to day, I never know what it may offer. After a morning nap (after watering my plants, like twenty trips), I headed for town (Manitowaning) and had lunch with Sherry at The Queen Street General. I got to sit in on the video conference, Manitowaning, Sudbury, Elliot Lake, on Managing “Osteoarthritis.” Very interesting. There were 10 of us. I stopped at Cal’s on my way home. He says it’s too hot to cook (34°C), so we let Carol and Earl do it for us again! After we had three games of cribbage which found me the winner again. Close games, two of three.

So I carried another 20 containers of water for my plants. Now I’m resting again!

There were five and a half tables for cribbage. Thank you to everyone who contributed the good food. High hands, Jean (Mum), Lois, Betty Jean, 24; high score, Lori and Rick, 956; second, Lois and Ruth, 945; third, Jim and Melissa, 944 (Jim’s new from Little Current); low, Reg and Sherry (Hall) (vacationing at their Manitou River camp); door prize, Betty Jean and Grandma Jean.

Now Sunday (12:30 am)—Another busy day in the life of me! Started out this morning with Mum and I going to the museum grounds where there was lots of activity. Bake sale, S.B.D.C.A food area and the firefighters’ yard sale. Met Larry “the Voice.” Drove by the sidewalk sales. We had our lunch at Barney’s. Not home too long until we were eating again down at Sherry and Dave’s this time. Tara, Ray, Jacob and Skylar, Tavis and Alicia. Later we had a five person “Tiki” game, and so I just made my bed before I crawled in and started writing. The house seems warm!

News alert! Cougar sight. Panther sighting (it was black!). Tyra Young spotted it on Providence Bay Road.

Oh yeah! Cal beat me three straight on Friday.

The kids headed for Little Current and the fireworks display, but it would seem unlikely, if they’re getting the storm and rain that’s here right now.

Today our sermon title was “Roll Out Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer. Our minister touches the heart and soul of each subject.

Loretta (Mucha) gave a wonderful compilation of St. Andrews by the Sea 88 years in the community and of the contributions and dedications of the folks who put it/kept it there. I do declare we have the best singing voices in our churches.

Just Mary, Mum and I went to Carol’s and Earl’s after church. This spot has been very busy as I’m sure all the businesses have been this Haweater Weekend and pow wow. Between boat traffic though, there is not the traffic one would expect for a holiday season.

I ran into Chris Deforge and his wife Carolyn.

Hopefully Jean McCulligh is feeling better. Get well soon!

Met Jim Henderson’s daughter Peggy.

Six and three quarter tables for euchre. Reta was on K.P. After some confusion, we sorted out: Men’s high, Sheila, 91; men’s lone hands, John N., 4; men’s low, Bert, 41; ladies’ high, Irene; ladies’ lone hands, Ruth, 4; ladies’ low, Marg, 4; door prize, Linda.

Lori, Mum and I went to the Garden Shed for breakfast on Thursday morning to celebrate Joan’s birthday. It was so lovely and relaxing. We continued our visit at Joan’s for a little while after.

Country Fest already? Will we sit in our ponchos this year?