Tehkummah Talk and Times

I’m just after watching Amazing Race Canada. Thought because it is “our” close-to-home city; pretty exciting, Alex Trebec even! (Re: Sudbury).

Kim and Kath were heading home to Clarksburg on the late ferry.

Steve and Gail, Pauline and Wayne were all camped out at the camp (house on wheels). They had just returned Tuesday noon from their trip to Timmins, Mattawa and points north! Cal and I went in for an hour or so. Gib had taken him for his needle in the eye (he got a good report) that day! I hear Wayne Halloway is spending time in the hospital.

Corrine Gill arrived at her appointment on Tuesday. I met a nice girl with a lovely smile, Alicia (Smith, at the laundromat), Gloria Sandercott’s granddaughter.

Well, an interesting early morning call from Stan Allan. He and Jeanette saw the cougar Wednesday evening on their driveway around White Lake, an exciting sighting. So folks keep your eyes open.

Mary J. said she had seen a bat this week and I just had one zoom by my head, 9:10 pm Wednesday eve.

Sissy Pat had car delivery people today. We all met up at Carol’s and Earl’s for our supper, as Jackie (Bryant) said, these are all my cousins (the girls that was) Betty and Don, Rosemarie and Allan, Laura, Mom, Cal and I and Pat (Norton) claimed we were celebrating her birthday (the whole month of August?).

Our cribbage today had 30 people. The lunch as always fabulous! (We break at half time). High hands, 24, were (Mom) Jean, Anne, Jim and Bert. First, an almost perfect score, lucky there was no one to play at the sit out table, Cal and I, 965; second, Laura and Pat, 915; third, Anne and Hart, 914; low, Betty Jean and Bill, 856; three door prizes, Gib, Melissa and Dorothy.

12:15 am—just crawled in, so I shall jot what I recall of this day.

Our introduction to “Old Maid” (I was, three times!) and “Go Fish,” I was better at, with my grands, Tara and Skylar. Fresh cucumber sandwiches, picnic style under the maple, and an early morning visit from Maid Marion and Julia. Mollie called, she still has bears (cubs) in her backyard, in Elliot Lake everything is hungry.

Euchre three and 3/4 tables, Margaret and Linda KP duty. Men’s high, Bob Sylvester, 88; lone hand, 4, Dave. Me, low man, 46; ladies’ high, Agnes Sylvester, 79; ladies’ lone hands, Rose, 4; ladies’ low, Margaret (Mc) 46; door prize, Annette.

Looked for the meteor shower? Mom went with Susan to the campfire. Mollie and John took her last week to the chocolate factory in Kagawong and 540 restaurant, good day.

Was it the know nothings and the “no Brenda” that tied with us, 86 points? Top team won with 90. What a fun evening of trivia at the Sandfield Hall on Friday night. Some of our team was “stolen” to complete a third team!

Mine consisted of Sherry, Lori, Ruth and Jackie. Ruth knew lots of geography and math, helpful. Anyway thanks to Martin and his research, and for the prizes, great! Thanks team!

Susan took Mom for the needle in the eye. A Swiss Chalet lunch, and took granddaughter Brooke home. Joanne joined them for lunch, Paula was late? Brooke spent the week with Grammy!

I’m wide awake, almost 12:30 am. I should be tired, had a most busy day, my “feets” are tired.

Our together time was rejuvenating. Lori and Rick’s music was great. We celebrated birthdays and anniversaries. Tara’s is coming up, Sherry’s just past, John’s future, Rick’s past, and their wedding anniversary (Rick and Lori’s).

We have so many summer events I still missed mentioning.

We were saddened not to have the McGauley clan with us, due to something quite unexpected. Out of the blue! We played cribbage, go fish, visited, shared a super meal together.

It’s funny, we were just talking about Susan (Harwood) Morton, and there she was, and strangely enough wasn’t she talking about her grandchild?

Hello Ivan! How are you doing?

Some of our after church lunch bunch joined our gang for leftovers today. Teaching Tara cribbage (she’s good). Mom, Sherry and I had a few games before I closed the hall.

Just nicely got home and unloaded when Cal came to the door, so of course I went with him to C’s and E’s afterwards for three games of cribbage, I won! He said he and Barb, Lori and Rick went in to see his sister-in-law Viola (McKenzie) who is visiting her sister Lyla (Chatwell) as he was bringing me home I was admiring the cloud formations and the sunset.

Thinking of the church group and their sing-a-long as they, too, watched the sunset on Providence Bay beach tonight!

Oh yeah, before we left South Baymouth we stopped and watched the family catch some perch. Pauline, Sherry, Ray, Tara and Skylar all enjoying time together and catching some nice fish.

We too heard tonight of Kevin McMurray’s death. Sympathy to Sandra and Bev, quite a shock! The separation of the clans. Found the cousins gathering at Dave and Barb McCauley’s homestead. Nadine was coming to spend time with family.

Sometimes, as we all know, the best laid plans just do not work out. I do thank God for our/ my many blessings this week as I pray also for His continuing presence in our lives as He walks with Elaine, down this new and unexpected pathway. Hugs and blessings for all.