Tehkummah Talk and Times

The birthday party was well attended on Tuesday afternoon. The music, as always, was super. Thanks Peter, Lyle, Harold and Norm, Mum sang a couple too. The Birthday folk (summer and September) two Joans, Mary, Don, and Harold. Linda was in charge of the birthday feast, it was good. (I couldn’t eat much, darn it). We had six tables at cribbage on Wednesday afternoon. First place, Pat and Laura, 930; second, Audrie and Del, 915; third, Cal and I, 910; high hand, Lyla Chatwell, 24; low, Lyla and Hugh, 709; door, Lori and Glenn. Del had some bear stories.

Our lunch as always terrific folks! NOTE: starts at 1 pm Wednesday the 23rd. We went to Carol’s and Earl’s and shared table space with Gib and Florence. It was her birthday (pretty low key.) Later back down at Cal’s, about six more games of cribbage- some pretty exciting finishes!!

After the birthday party on Tuesday Mum had visitors- Pauline came along with her grandson Wayne, who I can’t believe it, has kids in high school too? Time is so fleeting. Susan took Mum for her needle in the eye on Wednesday, they met up with Paula (in Sudbury). Mum and Paula had lunch together. Well I smelled skunk when I stopped at Mums. Went in, said to her you must have been playing cards? But I really did stir the skunk up while I was there. I had just come from Cal’s where he skunked me good- pass it on!

I like going down to Barney’s Barn- The social aspect- Good lunch too- It’s definitely a family affair- check out those red T shirts!

Just about midnight- had a bit of a visit with Mum after euchre. I put a drop (or two) in her eye. Dorothy usually does this for her. Thank you very much.

Ten tables for the tournament (Sept 17) First, Dennis and Dorothy, 77 and 6; lone hands; second, Simon and Marg, 74 and 6 lone hands; third and fourth, tied, Rick and Edgar and Irene and Marg, 72; low, Marilyn and Pat, 42; door, Reta Parkinson. Lunch provided by Margaret!

Don’t you think last week’s column must have got dropped on the floor and broken? Very disjointed and confusing? Today while I was in Mindemoya I popped into the hospital and visited Elaine McGauley and Helen Oswald- Helen’s roomie is Ann from Gore Bay- “The Foot Room”. Fresh corn from Tara’s garden. A friendly bee sting on my chin- didn’t realize it was on my collar.

My pen is at a loss for words! I’m trying to wrap my mind around the death of Elaine (my niece through marriage).   What a gift to Tehkummah this girl has been at the counter of Ward’s Store, her always friendly smile, our church organist (Tehkummah and South Baymouth) the organizer of the Jr UCW group in our Fairview Church. Did we assume she would always be there? I guess so, as she was a major part of the back bone of our little village and area. When Heather phoned Sunday morning (I was in the tub, I’d been up since four) I wasn’t long getting down to her place where Dale and Lori were with her- A short stay as they had messages to deliver etc. The girls, Debbie, Heather and Christina, had kept a bedside vigil with their mother since she came from Sudbury on Wednesday. Barely all having time to contend with the dreaded tumor let alone now her/their  loss. Sympathy to her kids, grandkids, and to us all who will feel her loss so deeply, (family and extended family). September 23, Wednesday wake at Fairview Church Tehkummah 2-4, 7-9 and September 24, Thursday Funeral there 1 pm.

Mum wanted to sing “Beautiful Isle of Somewhere” for Elaine at church (next door) Sunday- it was difficult. We went to C&Es after, Joan went with us. Mary and Justin, Marten and Lynda. A lady called Anne Shillon (not sure of the spelling last name) presented a $2,000 award to Justin Coutts from the Eastern Star, to help him further his studies as he just started down a three year trail to the Ministry. Ann touched briefly in her Manitoulin roots, Clover Valley, Campbells/Watsons connection. Mum whipped me at cards again. Back down to C and E’s with Cal for supper, we shared table space with Joan and Borden. Elaine Bosje is home again after a hip replacement! Monday morning- in the sun- Two Marys, McGauley and Johnston, stop for a visit with Tara and I.