Tehkummah Talk and Times

Tara told me she has talked to Steve Kopp at Foodland so I wasn’t surprised when he and his wife stopped at Far Camp Garden on Tuesday evening to say hello. I had just taken some compost stuff, bulbs and seeds, to throw around back there, and was surprised to see Sherry surveying the kingdom. She had just returned from their trip to the Dominican Republic. Sounds like they had quite the adventurous trip, even a confrontation with Montezuma and his revenge. They spent time in Kitchener coming and going with Rita’s sister.

Stopped and let Cal beat me a couple of games on my way home. Hey I heard of a great mousetrap lately. Where someone caught 17?? In a minnow trap, kind of makes sense.  Congratulations Jean on the big win! Nice.

What an amazing skyline tonight, Wednesday (7th). After cribbage, Mum and I went to C&E’s for supper, a couple there with the same idea we had. Afterwards we viewed the reflection-perfect harbour at South Bay Mouth, then we did a leisurely drive down Slash Road then turned at New England Road and headed home. It was getting too dark to see the glorious colour in spots as we drove home.  We saw a fox at Snake Trail!

We had five tables today at cribbage. As always a delicious half time lunch. Two “24” hands, Lori and Cal; first place, Margaret and Lois, 933; second, Patrysha and Laura, 930; low tied, Eugine and Dorothy, Jean and Marg (Case), 853; door prize, Florence and Jim.

Must be the cool weather that has me baking activated Wednesday, it was biscuits and gingerbread. Today it’s rosemary rolls and raisin scones. The gift of a bag of flour helped too. Thanks. Cal was in for a moment, they weren’t yet cooked and he was making stew at his place.

I cleaned two outside (inside) corners this AM. So the middle is the riddle!! Maybe by Christmas, and isn’t that coming soon. Didn’t I hear someone in my family say they had their shopping already done? Oh well, it takes all kinds. Have a great week. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!