Tehkummah Talk and Times

Thank you so much, Blaine, Wilda and Kevin, for the gift of maple syrup for our cribbage draw. Six tables: Rick Gordon, high hand, 24; first, Gib and Florence, 935; second, Donna and Hugh, 933; third, BJ and Joy, 930; low, Glenda and Noreen, 889; box of mini chocolates each; door prize, Pat Hall, BJ and Rick; Joy McVey won the half litre of syrup. There is no cribbage today, May 22.

Sympathy to Barb and Dave McCauley in the loss of her mother on Tuesday, May 14. Thinking of you all, as well to the Anstice family and Jeanette in the loss of her husband Doug Stickles (Sudbury) this week, too. It’s hard to keep up with the going-ons lately.

Daisy and Robert have been working non-stop at the hall gardens and yard. It looks lovely. The deer helped with the trimming. Bye-bye tulips, the little “deerlings,” so helpful. 

Two thirty on Thursday afternoon, home again. Pauline picked up Susan and me, and we went to the funeral of Elvira Lubstorf at the Little Current funeral home. Barney gave a personal tribute to Elvira’s life. The music was lovely. The Cornerstone Group? What a lovely voice Lynette has. Invited to share lunch with the family before the journey to the graveyard. It was nice to touch base with family members Brett and Jennifer and the four grandsons of Dave and Barb. Dodds and Jovette, Linda and Randy from Sudbury (he’s recently retired and heading for the west coast). Local friends and relatives were here to support Barb and Dave.

On Tuesday afternoon our Sr. U.C.W. met at the home of Noreen Leeson. I imagine she thought she would never get rid of us. The meetings go fast/long are usually fun and interesting.

Betty drove Joan and me down to their lovely home. Roll call was a tribute to Mother. Some lovely stories and verses. A most delicious lunch. Ross and Susan drove to Sudbury for Doug’s funeral on Thursday to be with her family members and apparently back to the Island for burial the following day.

The porcupine was up in its favourite tree on Lakeshore Road on Tuesday. I thought this girl (Pat Dryden’s sister) looked familiar, her partner at euchre on Thursday night, “Joanne.” She said to be sure and say hello to Sherry and Barb. They all worked at Timberlane Camp together, year?

I was supposed to be on K.P. with Dorothy for euchre. But we also needed help at the door. So, Jan was my look alike? My K.P. double. So thanks, girls. The lunch was delish! We had nine and a half tables: first place, Eva and Donna, 78, they also had six lone hands; second, Pat Nelder and Sheila, 75; third, Dave and Shirley Nelder, 73; fourth, Dorothy A. and Ted, 70; low, John and Pat, 36. I thought Dorothy and I were going for that award; Dorothy Allard, 50/50.

Daisy and Robert have been cleaning, raking, picking, bagging, bending, etc. etc. The Hall yards and gardens, looks lovely. Thank you so much.

Pauline and I had delicious clam chowder for lunch at Susan’s on Friday afternoon, then we sorted through Mom’s photographs, only 100 plus years’ worth. After about three hours, we still have some boxes to go through yet.

Perhaps the cold weather will dampen the blackflies’ enthusiasm?

Did you know the marsh marigolds (i.e. cowslips) are brightening up the swampy roadsides right now?

Tonight, near Tehkummah, a beautiful male pheasant crossed my path. It was fortunate I wasn’t driving fast. I haven’t seen the attack goose at the 10th bridge. My car, too is, larger than the silly goose there.

And as for the dump. The flower planting caretaker is back and working hard. I’ve good seeds!

I went to Carol’s and Earl’s for a snack after the “G.D.” trip. Sherry, Dave and Skye joined me. I lingered and visited. They were going to camp for the night. Lyndia and Camelia were working at Brown’s tonight.

Did you know there is a reason to celebrate every day of the year (well, I guess more than one reason) but Lucky Penny Day is May 23 and we went and got rid of ours!? Or better yet, “National Wine Day” May 25. 

Had a visit at Mom’s grave today, checked out Connie Adamson’s beautiful stone. Popped in for a minute at the Community Hall in Sandfield.

The little darlings come to the window. I’m sure they would like to get out of the pouring rain. The hummingbird feeder is out of the rain, but it’s cold out there.

Church at St. Andrews on Sunday. A fellow in ministry, Donna Mann, is visiting her son here in Tehkummah (who I have yet to meet.) She and Martin worked together in one of the charges. A little trailer was parked in the yard. Wayne and Adrian worked in Toronto driving buses and subways, as I found out when we, Pauline, Mika and I stopped for lunch at Carol’s and Earl’s after church. I met Brenda (McTaggart?), Marie and Red Butler’s daughter from the Sault visiting. Donna Phillips, too, was with her friend.